Working in the United States

International students in valid F-1 status desiring to work while studying at West Liberty University can apply for jobs on campus without seeking DSO authorization.

According to your visa responsibilities, work is restricted to 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during vacations and holiday breaks. It
does not matter how many jobs you hold on campus, as long as you abide by these hour restrictions in the total amount of work you do.

Students in valid F-1 status cannot be employed off-campus without meeting eligibility requirements and obtaining prior written authorization. Off campusemployment is any type of internship, practicum, and other types of off-campus experiences, whether or not you are receiving college credit for it. Working off-campus without the appropriate authorization is considered illegal employment according to federal immigration law and it could result in deportation. SEVIS regulations require that all unauthorized employment be reported.

F-1 visa students desiring to work off-campus under CPT (Curricular Practical Training) or OPT (Optional Practical Training) must request authorization from the DSO in Student Services. If you have any questions regarding these employment programs, please contact the Director of International Student Enrollment, Mia Szabo at [email protected], she will be able to explain the differences and help you make an informed decision.


Internships and Community Service

NESA UGRAD, EURASIA UGRAD, and Pakistan UGRAD programs typicall require students to do internships and/or community. As a degree-seeking students, you may also wish to help and provide your services to local organizations. There are many opportunities in the Ohio Valley to do internships or provide community service.  Here is a list of local organizations you can intern at or do community service: Local Community Service Organizations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  the Director of International Student Enrollment, Mia Szabo at [email protected].