Social Security Number (SSN)

International students who want a social security number must first have employment. In order to apply for a social security number at the local Social Security Administration office, you will need a letter of employment from your employing department and the International Student Office.

If you do not qualify for a social security number, you can apply for an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) using a Form W-7. This form can be down loaded from the IRS website,

The International Student Office at WLU will be assisting students with the SSN application process and will be facilitating trips to the local Social Security Administration Office in Wheeling, during the first months of the Fall and Spring semesters, or when needed.

NOTE:  As soon as you receive your card in the mail  (usually 10 days from the day of application), please bring it to the International Student Office to update your records (notify your employer and your bank etc.)


Social Security Administration

123 16th St, Wheeling, WV 26003

(304) 232-7710