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Information regarding West Liberty University’s tuition/fee refund policy, satisfactory academic progress for financial aid, and financial aid refund and repayment policies can be found in the West Liberty University Catalog.

Information regarding retention and graduation rates, admission data, financial data, degrees awarded, and enrollment data can be obtained online at the national center for education.

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  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

    This policy is effective with the start of the fall 2011 term.  Federal Regulations require that students must be making measurable academic progress towards completion of an eligible degree or certification.  This requires evaluation of both quantitative and qualitative academic progress as well as completion of degree objective within 150% of the normal timeframe.  The policies described in this section pertain only to the awarding of financial aid.

    Students failing to meet the University’s satisfactory academic progress requirements will be ineligible for Federal Financial Aid which includes: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, Perkins Loans, Nursing Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.  A student will remain ineligible until such time the student meets the SAP requirements or has an appeal granted. 

    Important: The WV Higher Education Grant, WV PROMISE Scholarship and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency Grant (PHEAA) each have a distinct set of academic renewal requirements.   WLU will make these awards in accordance with the respective agencies’ requirements.

    All periods of enrollment will be included in the measurement of satisfactory academic progress including terms in which the student enrolled but did not receive financial aid.  Progress will be measured once per academic year at the end of the spring term. Students not meeting SAP standards will be notified by mail and their WINS accounts. A student who is deemed ineligible and does not successfully appeal may have his/her SAP status reviewed on individual basis at the end of any payment period.  This request must be made to the WLU Financial Aid Office in writing.

  • Qualitative Standards

    Students must meet a qualitative standard of academic progress measured through grade point average.  Freshmen (0-29 earned hours) – must maintain a 1.60 cumulative GPA. Sophomores (30-59 earned hours) – must maintain a 1.8 cumulative GPA. Juniors and Seniors (60+ earned hours) – must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

  • Quantitative Standards

    Students must meet a quantitative standard of academic progress measured by a percentage completion rate.  Students must successfully complete 70% of all attempted credit hours.  The calculation is made as follows:  earned credit hours/attempted credit hours = completion rate.  Courses with grades of “W”, “WP”, “WF” “I”, “F”, “FI” , “N” and courses taken under the WLU class repeat regulations are included in attempted credit hours but are not included in earned credit hours.  All credit, including transfer work, included on the student’s academic transcript is also included.

  • Maximum Time Frame for Degree Completion

    Students must obtain their degree objective within 150% of the normal timeframe.  Undergraduate students in programs requiring 128 credit hours must complete their first baccalaureate degree within 192 attempted credit hours.   Graduate students in programs requiring 36 credit hours must complete their master’s degree program within 54 attempted credit hours.

    Students pursuing second degrees may be considered for financial aid.  A second undergraduate degree must be obtained within 60 attempted credit hours.  A second master’s degree must be completed within an additional 36 credit hours.

    Federal Financial Aid shall be limited to two baccalaureate degrees and two master’s degrees.  Students wishing to pursue additional degrees beyond these may do so but without federal financial assistance.  Notification will be mailed to the student’s permanent address, emailed to the student’s West Liberty University email address, and listed on their WINS account.

  • Appeal Process

    Under certain extenuating circumstances a student may appeal the satisfactory academic progress requirements.  These circumstances include personal injury or illness during a period of enrollment; death of an immediate family member or legal guardian during a period of enrollment; or other unexpected documented circumstances beyond the control of the student.

    Appeals must be submitted to the WLU Financial Aid Office and must include supporting documentation of a student’s extenuating circumstances.    The deadline to submit an appeal will be documented in the student’s notification of failure to meet SAP requirements.    Appeals submitted after the published deadline will not be considered.

  • Financial Aid Probation

    Probation status for financial aid purposes will be assigned to a student who has failed to meet SAP requirements and who has had their SAP appeal granted.  A student on financial aid probation may receive financial aid for one enrollment period.  At the end of the probation period the student must meet SAP standards, failure to do so will result in the student being ineligible for federal aid.