How do I apply for financial aid?

The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  Be sure to add West Liberty University’s school code (003823) in order for us to receive your application.  We will process your application and contact you based on the information provided.

What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

To receive maximum consideration for aid, students apply using the FAFSA, which must be received by the processor, prior to April 15th of each year.

I missed the April 15 application deadline. Can I still apply for financial aid?

Yes, students may still apply for a Direct Loan or a Pell Grant. There is no specific deadline for these two federal programs.

How do I complete my Master Promissory Note?

You will need to visit the website.  You will need your FSA ID and Password available to log in.  Once logged in, click “Complete Master Promissory Note.”

What is the different between a grant, a scholarship and a loan?

A grant is a gift. It does not have to be repaid and it is based on the student’s financial need. A scholarship is an achievement award which is usually based on academic grades, abilities, skills, test scores, class rank, etc. Loans are funds borrowed by the student and/or parent. In most cases, loans must be repaid with an interest charge and a specified repayment period.

When will I be billed?

All bills are emailed to the students in July for Fall semester and December for Spring Semester.  Any questions on billing, please contact the Business Office.

How can I contact the Financial Aid Office?

There are a few ways to contact us.  By phone at 304.336.8016.  By email at [email protected].  Or by fax at 304.336.8088.

What is your Federal Financial Aid School Code?


How do I check the status of my financial aid application?

You can feel free to contact us at anytime about your financial aid; however, once you are student here you will be able to check your financial aid in your West Liberty Information Network System (WINS) account at anytime.

How and when will I receive my financial aid?

Your financial aid will be processed the first day of class of each semester.  The funds will be disbursed to your account to cover any and all balances, followed by being disbursed to you through automatic deposit if any funds exceed your costs.

In order to receive financial aid do I have to apply every year?

Yes. In order to receive consideration for all programs you must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. You will be able to file the FAFSA starting October 1st the year before you will be attending.  You will use the prior-prior year's taxes.  Questions about which FAFSA to file or which tax year to report, please call our office 304.336.8016.

Is there any aid available if I decide to attend summer school?

For summer sessions, students may only receive remaining federal aid eligibility not used during Fall & Spring terms (Federal Pell Grant and/or Direct Loans for students). Funding may or may not be available for a full- or part-time job through the Federal Work Study program.