Early Entrance

West Liberty University has been authorized to offer an early entrance program for high school students. The university is permitted to admit a limited number of outstanding high school students. They may enroll in regular freshman level courses.

In order to qualify for the early entrance program, the student must have completed 12 units of the university preparatory curriculum in high school; have attained a 3.0 or better average in high school subjects in the university preparatory curriculum; have the recommendation of the high school principal; and have the approval of the Director of Admissions of West Liberty University.  Students who are interested in the program should file an application for admission and submit a transcript of their high school credits and grades.  Courses to be taken must be approved by the Provost or Registrar prior to enrolling.  Under this program students pay regular fees.  Official university credit will be recorded after receipt by the Registrar’s Office of certification of high school graduation.