Accepting Your Award Online

All returning students will now have to accept their financial aid awards online prior to the start of the Fall semester every year.

 Please follow the instructions to complete all necessary steps in accepting your awards.

  • Log into WINS
  • Click on the gray Financial Aid Tab at the top of the page
  • Click on the blue Award link in the middle of the screen
  • Click on the blue Award for Aid Year link in the middle of the screen
  • Choose the appropriate award year form the drop down box
  • Click on the gray Terms and Conditions Tab, complete if not already done in the past.
  • Click on the gray Accept Award Offer Tab
  • Choose “Accept” or “Decline” from the drop down boxes for all funds that are in offered status.
  • Submit

NOTEFailure to accept or decline all funds will cause your award to partially submit and your financial aid will not be complete causing a delay in any refunds.  Do not use the “undecided” option.  This will also cause a submission failure on your award.