Students from other institutions that wish to take courses at West Liberty for a semester or during the summer sessions are welcome to do so.

The following must be completed in order to be admitted to West Liberty and to register for classes:

  1. Apply to West Liberty
  2. Indicate on your application that you are a transient student.
  3. Obtain a transient approval form from your home institution. Have your home institution complete the form and send it to:Admissions Office
    West Liberty University
    208 University Drive
    College Union Box 101
    West Liberty, WV 26074

    The completed transient approval form will ensure that the course(s) you wish to take at West Liberty will transfer back to your home institution and will show that you are a student in good standing.

  4. There may be required pre-requisites for the courses that you wish to take. Please check the West Liberty Course Catalog for the required pre-requisites and submit proof of those pre-requisites via a college transcript or ACT/SAT test scores sent to the West Liberty Admissions Office. For instance, the pre-requisite for Freshmen English 101 is a score of 18 or higher on the ACT English subscore (450 SAT Verbal) or ASSET English 1. To verify this you will need to submit a copy of your ACT test scores. Or have taken ENG 075 or equivalent and passed with a minimum Grade of K. If the pre-requisite is proof of a particular college level course it will be necessary for you to submit a transcript showing the completion of the course.
  5. To find out what courses are being offered for a particular term please check the West Liberty Information Network System (WINS).