RECAP: A Student Research Symposium


RECAP is a symposium and competition for students of West Liberty University with the goal of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement in scholarly Research, Creative Activity, and Performance.

RECAP is open to all West Liberty students both undergraduate and graduate.

RECAP will occur on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018, from 1pm to 4:30pm in several locations: College Hall, Boyle Conference Room, the ASRC Lobby, and others to be announced. Student submissions are due February 21st, 2018, by 5pm. See below for instructions on how to submit.

The competition is organized into 3 Types of submission: Paper, Poster, and Performance/Presentation. Submissions will be accepted in any Discipline (listed below).


$400 for Top Paper

$400 for Top Poster

$400 for Top Performance/Presentation

$100 prizes for Best Submission in each Discipline


  • Scholarly research paper in any discipline
  • 5 to 15 pages
  • Prize for Top Paper: $400


  • Poster presentation in any discipline
  • Posters must be 3ft x 4ft in size
  • Easels will be provided
  • All posters will be located in ASRC lobby and the creator must be present when judging occurs
  • Prize for Top Poster: $400


  • Scholarly presentation in any discipline
  • Musical, Theatrical, or Dance performance (or any combination thereof)
  • Performances/presentations are limited to 10 min. in duration
  • Additional time is allotted between for questions and transition to next performer/presenter
  • Prize for Top Performance/Presentation: $400


How do I know if I am ready for this competition?  What kinds of submissions qualify?
WLU is looking for all sorts of scholarship to be represented at this event.  Artists, Designers, Musicians, Actors, Researchers, Group* Presentations, etc. are all included equally. Examples of who might apply include, but are not limited to:

  • You are part of an Honors College group that has performed research
  • You are part of a capstone major group that has done a project involving some area of research
  • You have/are working on a quality research paper used for one of your classes
  • You have performed as a soloist or in a small group, presented an art gallery show, or similar creative work
  • You are working on a monologue(s) for performance
  • You have presented work for another conference
  • You have an idea for a research project but don’t have a venue to display your work

Will my poster, presentation, or performance be judged? 

  • Yes, a team of judges will be on hand on March 21 to score your submission, provide feedback, and ask questions, like a Science Fair, or a Solo and Ensemble Festival. If you enter, you have a chance of winning prize money and gaining a valuable resume-building conference presentation citation. Papers are read and judged prior to March 21.

Is there an age limit?

  • No. All WLU students – graduate and undergraduate – are eligible, even freshmen.

Are groups allowed?

  • Yes. Groups are limited to no more than 3 members.

Can I submit more than one thing?

  • Yes. An individual student may submit to RECAP a maximum of two times per year. Submissions can be any combination of the three types: two papers, one paper and one poster, one performance and one paper, etc.


  • Business
  • Communications
  • Creative Performance
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Visual Communication

$100 prize for Best Submission in each Discipline


February 21, 2018

Paper: Submit your complete paper (no drafts or abstracts) through the online form.

Poster: Submit a brief description of your poster. You will present your poster on March 21.

Performance/Presentation: Submit a brief description of your performance or presentation. Do not submit “PowerPoints” or other materials at this time. You will perform/present on March 21.


For more information…

Dr. Linda Cowan – [email protected]

Dr. Matthew Harder – [email protected]

Dr. Robert Kreisberg – [email protected]

Dr. Angela Rehbein – [email protected]

Sara Sweeney – [email protected]