Arts Unlimited

ARTS UNLIMITED is a new show on WLTV that tells the stories of West Liberty’s creators. Each episode will spotlight a single artist’s work, technique, and process. Guests will be either WLU faculty or graduates.

AU strives to depict artists as they interact with their work and with the culture and economy of the greater Ohio Valley, West Virginia, and beyond. AU will give you a glimpse into the work of these artists as well as the tremendous amount of effort and experience behind the work.

All episodes are listed here.

For more information, contact Dr. Matthew Harder: [email protected]

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Visual Art


Art | ALIVE at WLU!

From award winning faculty members, to award winning students, West Liberty’s ART PROGRAM is constantly buzzing with excitement.


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“One of the most rewarding parts of this job is seeing 18-year-olds blossom into budding young artists who have a voice in the world of theatre. These two have grown so much in the last year that it is almost like they are different people. I am terribly proud of them as people and as student-directors.”

Michael Aulick
Theatre Director


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Music @ West Liberty


Award-winning faculty members, individual attention, cutting-edge technology, and world-class experiences make Music @ West Liberty truly unique.


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Journalism & Communication Studies


Broadcasting Students  |   Sunday Night Football on NBC

“It was really cool how similar the NBC production meeting was compared to our class production meetings for WLU-TV productions. It’s not that much different from NBC, they just have more information and access – it’s unbelievable.”

Nate Johnson
WLU Broadcasting Student


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College of Arts & Communication

Welcome to the creative hub of West Liberty University: the College of Arts and Communication. If your goal is to have a career in media or creative arts, the CoAC is a fantastic place to start. Our incredible state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning faculty provide the jump-start you will need to begin your career. The CoAC offers programs that combine hands-on experiences with time-tested foundational study, no matter what discipline you choose. Our graduates are professional broadcasters, sound engineers, digital artists, theatrical designers, journalists, graphic designers, art educators, music educators, and performers. We are the home of the MAD Fest, the Marching HilltoppersExtreme Art Night, The Hilltop Players, West Liberty Television (WLTV) and many more exciting groups, ensembles, and organizations dedicated to excellence, education, active participation, public performance, and community engagement.

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Dean, College of Arts and Communication
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