The College of Arts and Communication is the creative hub of West Liberty University. For students who want to learn timeless principles of design, performance, and education, this is the place to be. Study with world-class faculty and become an artist, performer, producer, educator, and communicator. See the videos and links below to learn more.

Majors: Advertising Communication, Art Education, Broadcasting, Communication Studies, Creative Arts Therapy, Digital Media Design, Journalism, Music Education, Music Performance, Music Technology, Public Relations, Theater Performance, Theater Design, Visual Communication Design. Minors: Advertising Communication, Art, Communication Studies, Visual Communication Design, Journalism, Photography, Public Relations, Music, and Theater.


Music Education

Visual Communication Design

The Trumpet Newspaper

Department of Music and Theater

Dr. Linda Cowan

[email protected]
Professor of Music, Chair, Dept. of Music and Theater

Department of Journalism, Communication Studies, and Visual Art

Prof. Brian Fencl

[email protected]
Professor of Art, Chair, Department of JCSVA

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Dr. Matthew D. Harder

Dean, College of Arts and Communication
Professor of Music