If you are driven to understand how the world works, how to take the lessons of the past and apply them towards solving the problems of the future, then a degree in HISTORY might be right for you.

What is a B.A./B.S. in History?
History is a major within the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences that permits study in nearly all aspects of human life and interaction. One of the benefits of a History degree is that it intersects all other fields of academic inquiry. While investigating the evolution of human interaction, students learn about war, economics, politics, gender, culture, geography, sociology, science, and many other areas, each with a unique history of its own. Our faculty has diverse areas of expertise, whether it is a geographic interest in the Americas, Europe, Africa, or the Far East, or a temporal interest in the Medieval, Early Modern, or Modern Ages. A degree in History is not just about memorizing dates and places either. By analyzing historical documents in order to come to a greater understanding regarding the interpretation of previous events, students develop a broad range of skills that translate into real world success due to the versatile nature of the field’s strengths. Developing a proficiency in critical thinking/analysis, communication, writing, and technology assists students both professionally and personally as they navigate their way through the myriad of choices available in modern life.

Highlights of the History degree program at West Liberty University
Diverse Faculty – West Liberty maintains a faculty with diverse research interests who stay current with recent scholarship. American, European, and Global studies are all components of the curriculum.

Curriculum Flexibility – The list of required courses for a History degree is minimal. This permits students greater opportunity to craft the degree they want by focusing on historical topics related to their specific interests.

Individual attention – Many of our classes, especially the upper level ones, enroll less than 10 people per class. This allows the opportunity to have one on one instruction directly with the faculty.

For more information, contact Dr. Cox (Medieval History), Ms. Czernek (US & Ancient History), Dr. Owens (US History), or Dr. Reigel (Non-Western/World History).