English and Modern Languages

A part of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, the Department of English and Modern Languages currently offers three majors and six minors, and one certificate program in a variety of areas of study, including English Education, French, literature, Spanish, TESL, and writing. To learn more about what we offer, please click on the links above or contact the department chairperson Dr. Angela Rehbein.

Program Features

The English majors at West Liberty University prepare students for many pathways beyond graduation, especially those that benefit from a graduate’s ability to read, think, and write critically. Many majors prepare students for specific careers, but majoring in English opens countless doors for students who are especially interested in studying the ways in which language and literature shape the world around them. Along the way, English majors grow into the types of graduates employers are looking for and, perhaps more importantly, individuals with the skills needed to continue to grow as global citizens and lifelong learners.

The Department of English and Modern Languages offers several majors, including English Education and several options for an English liberal arts degree. We also offer students a variety of minors to study.

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