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The School of Professional Studies (SoPS) is dedicated to serving adults, both undergraduate and graduate learners. All SoPS degree programs emphasize applied learning, learning which is practically relevant to professional work. SoPS faculty are broadly experienced in the fields which they teach, and develop their courses with the experience and knowledge they have acquired. Moreover, the faculty respect the experience and knowledge of their adult students. The faculty facilitate student learning by drawing on, and relating to, the experience and knowledge the students already possess.

Adult Learners

Adult Learners may pursue any undergraduate degree at West Liberty University they choose, as long as they are able to take all the classes required; however, WLU recognizes that adults have busy schedules and complicated lives and pursuing a traditional degree program is not always possible. The undergraduate degree programs in the School of Professional Studies are specifically designed to serve adult students who:

need a flexible schedule,

want evening or Saturday classes,

need to use their previous college coursework even if it is several years old, or

can benefit from credit for prior learning experience.

Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA Today)

If you need the most flexibility – maybe take one class this semester and two next semester, etc., this program may be for you. Have several academic interests and can’t settle on just one topic to study? This may be for you.


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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Administration (BLA)

This is the newest option and is ideal for those who already have 60+ semester hours of credit and need a program that meets on Saturdays. The students in this program move through the classes together, taking one at a time but allow participants to still receive part-time financial aid, if they qualify. (Three semester hour courses meet five weeks.)

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Don’t know which program would be best for you? Let us help. We can evaluate the credits you already have and look at your individual circumstances to see which degree may fit your schedule best, which degree may be completed fastest, or help you reach whatever your goal may be.

For questions, evaluations or applications, please contact one of the following people at the Highlands Center:


355 Wharton Circle
Suite 200
Triadelphia, WV 26059

 Latitude, Longitude:
40.053501, -80.603799

Dr. Thomas Michaud, Ph.D
Dean, School of Professional Studies
304-217-2800 #2
[email protected]

Mary Lou Conley, Program Assistant II
304-217-2800 #4
[email protected]

If you are an adult learner looking for information about one of the traditional degree programs at West Liberty University, please contact the Admissions Office at 304-336-8076 or via email at [email protected].