Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA)

Don’t put your career and educational goals on hold. The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program helps you work around life’s challenges so you can earn a bachelor’s degree.

Why RBA?

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program helps you work around life’s challenges so you can earn a bachelor’s degree. Many colleges and universities in West Virginia offer an enhanced version of the program through an initiative called RBA Today.  RBA Today offers adults flexibility and choices, including:

Classes that are compressed into shorter time frames

Credit for life and work experience

Online, evening and weekend classes

RBA courses are being offered remote & online due to COVID-19

Take the First Step

You will receive assistance from an RBA professional who will help you create a plan to achieve your goals and finish your degree!  The program is perfect for working adults who have completed college credits, which can be counted toward your degree completion – even if you’ve been out of school for a long time.

You may be able to receive credit based on work experience.

Thanks to RBA Today, there’s never been a better time to go back to school.

How do I Start?

Admission Requirements

A student is admitted to the Program by submitting the Regents BA application for admission to the Coordinator of the RBA Degree at West Liberty University.  Admission to this program does not provide for admission to other programs at West Liberty University, but rather provides only for admission to the Regents BA Degree Program.

Individuals with accredited baccalaureate degrees are excluded from the Regents Degree Program.

A person may not be enrolled simultaneously in the RBA Program and another degree program.

High School Graduates/GED Students

In order to be admitted to the Regents BA Program a student must have graduated from high school at least four years ago with a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.  If the high school diploma was awarded by examination (GED), then admission would occur four years after the graduating high school class.


There is no application fee required for admission to the Program.

For portfolios where credit is awarded based on standardized awards, an evaluation fee of $300 will be charged.  For faculty-evaluated portfolios, a $10 per-credit-hour posting fee will be added to the initial charge of $300.  The fees will be charged whether or not academic credit is awarded.  The fees will be charged each time a student requests any subsequent assessments of work not included in the initial appraisal.

Registration and service fees for enrollment in classes will be assessed according to the established fee schedule.

The graduation fee will be that of West Liberty University.

Transfer Students

Eligible students may transfer into the Regents Program from other institutions or other majors within West Liberty University. Students transferring from other institutions should have official transcripts from those institutions sent to the RBA Office.

The Board of Governors’ policies regarding the transfer of credits between institutions will apply to students in this program.

In transferring credits from accredited institutions to the program, all passing grades are accepted. All grades of “F,” received four years or more before admission to the program, are excluded from the cumulative grade point average.

Transfer credits will be assessed at the time of evaluation. Requirements may be fulfilled by college-equivalent credit, transfer credits, or accredited courses taken after enrollment in the program.

Transfer Clearance Form from all institutions that were attended is needed from each institution that a degree was not completed.

Degree Requirements

General Studies

The Regents Bachelor of Arts degree requires students to take a minimum of 36 hours of general studies course work.  The general studies requirements include courses in the following:

  • Six hours of Communications
  • Six hours of Humanities
  • Six hours of Natural Sciences
  • Six hours of Social Sciences
  • Three hours of Mathematical Sciences or Computer Applications
  • Nine hours of electives (from any of the general studies categories listed above)

Upper Division Hours

The Regents BA degree requires students to take a minimum of 30 hours of upper division course work.  Upper division courses are those courses typically offered at the junior and senior levels and are usually numbered as 300 or 400 level courses.  Students have the flexibility to select courses that best meet their interests and that best fit their schedule.


Twenty-four (24) credit hours must be completed at one of West Virginia’s public institutions in the higher education system.  Credit granted through work and/or life experiences is not applicable to the 24 credit hours.

Students must complete a residency requirement of twelve (12) semester hours at West Liberty University. (Portfolio credit may not be used to meet this requirement) in-state, out of state, metro rates apply.

Total Hours

Regents BA students must complete a minimum of 120 hours of credit to be eligible for graduation.

Grade Point Average

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 (on a 4-point scale) to be eligible for graduation.


Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic Dishonesty, in whatever form, belies the stated philosophy of West Liberty University “to promote the development of the intellectual, cultural, social, physical, emotional, moral, and vocational capacities of all persons within its sphere of influence.” Individuals who commit acts of academic dishonesty violate the principles, which support the search for knowledge and truth. The academic community has established appropriate penalties and disciplinary action for such behavior.  For full information on types of academic dishonesty, penalties, appeals, and procedures related to academic dishonesty, please refer to the University Catalog.


For questions, evaluations or applications, please contact:

Dr. Eveldora R. Wheeler, MSW, LMSW, MBA 
Associate Professor 
Acting Dean GSAC
West Liberty University

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