RECAP: A Student Research Symposium


Congratulations to the 2018 RECAP Winners:

Runners-Up in the Paper Category:

  • Samaria Oiler – “Domestic Violence Against Women With Disabilities: The Issues of Funding, Fear, and a Dismissive Society”
  • Shane Powell – “Moro, lasso, al mio duolo: The Compositional Techniques of Carlo Gesualdo”
  • Miranda D. Snell – “Emergency Administration of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to Correct Fatal Arrhythmias”

Best Paper:

  • Susan J. Smith – “Change-Maker, Home-Maker, or Booty-Shaker? An Analysis of Meghan Trainor and Her Contributions to Mass Media Content”

Runners-Up in the Poster Category:

  • Hannah Lynch – “Reconstructive Surgery…”
  • Jennifer Myers – “Aralia Spinosa Extract…”
  • Michelle Yadrick and Emily Fournier – “Excoriation (or Skin-Picking) Is A Self-Injurious Behavior…”

Best Poster:

  • Aaron Nard – “Freshwater Ecosystem Studies…”

Runners-Up in the Presentation Category:

  • Tanya Khan – “Distribution of Crayfishes of the Upper Ohio River Basin in Western PA”
  • Anna Malone and Susan Smith – “Comprehensive Unit Plan for Early Childhood Education”
  • Eric Tidmore – “Using MaxEnt to determine suitable habitat locations for the Cutshin Crayfish”

Best Presentation:

  • John Heiserman and Jessica Gulisek – “Early 20th Century Art Songs by Samuel Barber”

RECAP is a symposium and competition for students of West Liberty University with the goal of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement in scholarly Research, Creative Activity, and Performance.

RECAP is open to all West Liberty students both undergraduate and graduate.


For more information…

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