Removal from the Teacher Education Program

The following issues will result in a candidate being removed from the WLU Teacher Education Program:

  • Failure to maintain the required overall GPA
  • A criminal background check (within the last 12 months) which reveals charges that would disqualify the individual from West Virginia teaching certification. (Note: An individual’s admission status will be suspended if pending charges could disqualify that individual from teaching certification. WLU will not place an individual into a school or other location where children are present if such charges are pending.)
  • Lack of professionalism as defined by the Teacher Education Disposition Form
    • Dishonesty
    • Failure to maintain confidentiality
    • Punctuality/absence issues
    • Inappropriate use of language
    • Improper dress
    • Failure to abide by WLU or public school policies or procedures
    • Unresolved negative dispositions
  • Failure to fulfill requirements during a field or clinical placement