Completion of of Student Teaching/Application for Certification

Admission Point # 3

Coursework, assessments, and related trainings must be completed during the semester in which the candidate is enrolled in the Professional Semester. All courses in the Professional Semester are corequisites and must be taken together. Teacher candidates must fulfill the following requirements in order to successfully complete the program:

Student Teaching

  • Candidates must successfully complete all content-area placements in their assigned
    schools in the regional area
  • Candidates must receive “Acceptable” or higher rating on all categories of the Student Teaching Numerical Assessment Form
  • Candidates must receive “Developing” or higher rating on all categories of the Disposition Form

EDUC 470: Professional Seminar

  • Candidates must successfully complete all key programmatic assessments and other required assignments as designated in the course syllabus

Key Programmatic Assessments

  • Teacher Performance Assessment (Requires an “Emerging” or higher rating)
  • Mock Interview (Requires a “Developing” or higher rating)
  • Professional Portfolio (Requires a “Target” rating)

EDUC 409: School Law

  • Candidates must successfully complete all required assessments and professional trainings as designated in the course syllabus

*For full Professional Semester expectations and requirements, see Appendix E of the Student Policy Manual

Obtaining Teaching Certification/Licensure (Optional)

  • Graduates may obtain West Virginia certification packets at the College of Education office or by requesting a packet from WVDE.
  • In addition, the packet includes a form (Form 7) that needs to be notarized. Note that a Notary Public is a witness to the signature and the form must be signed in his or her presence.
  • After completing the application form, it must be returned to the College of Education office. The WLU Certification Officer will verify that all certification requirements have been met and sign an institutional recommendation. The Registrar’s office will attach an official transcript and forward the application to the West Virginia Department of Education. A transcript fee may apply.
  • The WVDE requires four to six weeks to process the application. Teacher candidates can monitor the status of their application on-line at the WVDE website. WLU is not notified of the issuance or denial of a teacher candidate’s certification. If a teacher candidate receives notification of a problem regarding his or her application, the candidate should inform the WLU Certification Officer who may be able to provide assistance or advice.
  • Please Note: When tests or scores listed in the WVDE directory (available here) are changed, the validity period for the previously listed tests and/or score shall be one year from the effective date of the new test and/or score. Exception: tests and/or scores shall remain valid for twelve months after completion of an approved program for licensure where the applicant was continuously enrolled even if the test and/or score has changed. For more information see WVDE Policy 5100.