Teaching English & Global Education

This major is designed for students that are interested in Teaching English on a national (e.g. Teaching English to non-native English speakers in the USA) and international level (Teaching English to non-native Speakers in their home country/ies), as well as any other form of Teaching English and/or involvement with Global Education (e.g. non-profit organizations, private language schools, etc.).

Students who want to major in Teaching English and Global Education need to take English and linguistic classes as well as special Community Education core and practicum classes on and off campus. It will help and prepare them to work with students of whom English is not their first language, and also to understand some of the pedagogy, which is the methods and concepts of teaching. Students will be able to learn about the international models of education and their differences, as well as different cultures and traditions that are surrounding us in the global community.


The Bachelor of Arts in Community Education degree program with Teaching English & Global Education major at West Liberty University requires minimum total 120 credit hours course of study.

The coursework includes:

  • General Studies: 51 – 53 credit hours
  • Common Core: 43 credit hours
  • Major: 21 credit hours major courses + electives

Common Core Courses (43 Credit Hours)

  • CEP 411 Formal & Non-Formal Education Models (3 hrs)
  • CEP 421  Promoting Creativity & the Arts (3 hrs)
  • CEP 422  Outdoor Learning Spaces (3 hrs)
  • CEP 433  Program Design & Implementation (3 hrs)
  • CEP 442  Community Empowerment & Engagement (3 hrs)
  • CEP 443  Fundraising & Grant Writing (3 hrs)
  • CEP 452  Reggio Emilia & Other Approaches (3 hrs)
  • CEP 463  Leadership in Community Education (3 hrs)
  • CEP 473 Community & School-Based Programming (3 hrs)
  • CEP 493  Internship/International Community Experience (4 hrs)
  • EDUC 201 Human Development (3hrs)
  • EDUC 205 Integrated Arts for Elementary Teachers (3 hrs)
  • ENT 350 Entrepreneurship Law and Ethics (3 hrs)
  • SPED 241 Exceptionalities and Diversities (3 hrs)

Major Courses (21/25 – 27 Credit Hours)

  • ENG 275 Structure of English (3 hrs)
  • ENG 410 Methods Teaching Foreign Language (3 hrs)
  • LING 150 Intro to Language and Linguistics (3 hrs)
  • LING 285 Intro to Second Language Acquisition (3 hrs)
  • LING 315 Sociolinguistics (3 hrs)
  • CEP 492 Practicum I (3 hrs – on-compus)
  • CEP 482 Practicum II (3 hrs – off-compus)
  • Elective(s) (approx. 3 – 5 hrs – electives to total 120 hours)

*Out of the 120 credit hour program, students need to take 40 hours of upper-level (300-level and up) courses

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West Liberty University’s Bachelor of Arts in Community Education Program follows the 120 credit hour model for a bachelor’s degree and is designed for completion in three academic years. Despite the intention of this program to be an accelerated three-year program, students who wish to expand their studies to four years have the option to do so, by not taking summer classes but adding a fourth year of Fall IV and/or Spring IV classes.


For more information, please contact:

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