Professional Development Schools

Grant Name:  Professional Development Schools (PDS)
Funded by:  WV State Department of Education and the Arts
Awarded:  August, 2013
Amount:  $94,140

This grant, funded by the WV Legislature via the WV State Department of Education and the Arts, is a year-long grant to support professional development between an among the PK-12 public schools and the teacher education programs in public Colleges and Universities.  West Liberty University has been fortunate to have been the recipient of this generous grant for more than ten years.

While in the schools for field and clinical experiences, teacher candidates at West Liberty University will continue to participate with teachers in the professional development schools book studies and inquiry projects.  At several schools, teacher candidates will take the lead working with teachers on inquiry projects and assessment gathering.  The grant will support innovative and competitive school-based projects.  The involvement of our teacher candidates in the professional development schools book studies will further support their professional development.

During clinical student teaching, at least 90% of all teacher candidates are placed in at least one school with a professional development school partnership.  All teacher candidates work with cooperating teachers to complete a Capstone Project (formerly identified as a Teacher Work Sample).    The emphasis of the Capstone Project is on the documentation of P-12 student achievement.  Teacher candidates demonstrate value-added of their teaching, visually graph pre-post testing results, frame instructional practices in light of the assessments, complete item analysis, and reflect upon the role of assessment in the next step of instructional planning.

During the 2011-2012 school year, several national presenters were invited to the West Liberty University Campus.  The Youth Leadership Initiative housed inside the University of Virginia presented on increasing civic engagement among students. The Population Connection also presented engaging strategies for teaching about conservation in the world and the classroom.  Many teacher candidates, area teachers/administrators participated in the speaker workshop and presentations.  With the grant for 2011-2012, national consultants and experts on current issues in education will be invited to work with our teacher candidates and area teachers.

Teacher candidates and cooperating teachers and administrators from our professional development schools network will continue to participate in the state conference for PDS and other state-conferences related to instructional technology, RTI, 21st Century Learning, etc.  This will encourage our teacher education candidates to witness the value of professional organizations in their future development, encourage them to seek professional positions within WV, and accompany mentor teachers and professionals to relevant conferences where rich professional dialog can take place.

Additionally, WLU teacher candidates will participate with university faculty and area teachers in the participation of the workshops series.  Teacher education candidates will have the opportunity to attend workshops that are held in the schools (and conducted by University faculty) and workshops that held at the University (and conducted by area cooperating teachers from professional development schools).

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