Program Costs

Item Year One Year Two
Tuition: In-State $ 26,460 $ 26,460
Tuition: Out-of-State $ 39,690 $ 39,690
White Coats/Scrubs/Shoes/Other Required Program Clothing
$ 475 $ 300
Diagnostic Equipment $ 723 $ 000
Books (Approximately) $ 2,000 $ 500
Lap Top Computer $ 750 $ 000
Membership AAPA/WVAPA $ 150 $ 150
BLS/ACLS (for both together) $ 105 $ 000
Background Checks
$ 40 $ 40
Drug Screens
$ 56 $ 50
On-Campus Housing/Food $ 11,000 $ 11,000
Off-Campus Housing(1-room) /Food $ 12,000 $ 12,000
Travel cost estimate (Clinical year) N/A $ 2,000
Graduation Fees/Graduating Class Photo Sitting Fee
N/A $ 180

In-State students:       

Tuition only:  $52,920

Total estimated cost of all expenses:
1st yr. on campus:  $41,684     2nd yr. on campus:   $40,650     Program Total:  $82,334

1st yr. off campus:  $41,424     2nd yr. off campus:  $40,350     Program Total:  $84,334

Out of-State students:      

Tuition only:  $79,380

Total estimated cost of all expenses:
1st yr. on campus:  $54,914     2nd yr. on campus:  $53,880    Program  Total: $108,794

1st yr. off campus:  $55,914     2nd. yr. off campus: $54,880    Program Total:  $110,794


Tuition Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from the program by following the proper procedure will be issued a refund of tuition and fees upon receipt of a withdrawal slip signed by the Registrar. A student who officially withdraw from a portion of their courses during the refund period, must request a refund from the Business office. A student who is required to withdraw for disciplinary reasons shall not be entitled to any refund.  Refunds are calculated from the first day of classes.  Lab and course fees are not refundable.

Students who officially withdraw shall receive a refund of regular fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Refund Schedule

During the first and second weeks 90% Refund
During the third and fourth weeks 70% Refund
During the fifth and sixth weeks 50% Refund
Beginning with the seventh week No Refund



WLU has seven residence halls, two apartment complexes, and campus houses as part of our residential community.  Housing is also available in the surrounding Wheeling and Ohio County residential areas.    Detailed information regarding university housing is available.  Students should be ready for travel by personal vehicle, since clinical rotation sites are away from the campus. The following is a link to housing information in Wheeling, WVNote: Students are responsible for arranging their own housing whether on or off campus.

Health Insurance

Students will be required to have basic health insurance coverage during both the didactic and clinical phases of training.  WLU does not provide or endorse any particular insurer/provider.  Cost may vary according to type and extent of coverage.  Proof of insurance must be provided prior to matriculation.

Practice Liability Insurance

West Liberty University assumes the financial responsibility for providing liability insurance for students during their clinical clerkships and other assigned clinical events.

Laptop Requirements:


  • Modern, network-aware operating system:     Windows 7 or above, Mac running OS X 10.10 or above.
  • WiFi Wireless network capability:    (802.11g is strongly recommended.)    This may be built-in, or a plug-in card.
  • Display resolution at least 1024×768 pixels.
  • Sound capable with headphone jack.
  • At least one USB port.
  • Long life battery.
  • Webcam.


  • Malware protection:  Current, fully-patched operating system.   Anti-viral software installed and up to date.  Anti-spyware software installed and up to date.
  • Modern, standards-compliant Web browser:  Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and Safari are good choices.
  • Standards-based email client:  Must be capable of accessing campus email.
  • Standard “run time” environment for Java programs.
  • Software to read/write Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint formats:  MS Office.  Ability to read PDF files.