In accordance with ARC-PA standard A 3.12i, please see the below information.

PANCE Exam Pass Rates

Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination Exam Performance Summary Report

Program Name:  West Liberty University 
Program Number:  1302
Test Taker Status:  All Test Takers

Definitions of the report headings are provided at the end of the report. All information is current as of the date the report was generated unless otherwise specified.

ARC-PA Student Attrition Template

Definitions of Report Headings

Attrition Rate CalculationNumber of students who attritted from cohort divided by the entering class size.
ClassClass nomenclature and the individuals included in each class are determined by PA programs when assigning students to a particular class.
Class Graduation YearGraduation year for the majority of the individuals in the specific class based on the confirmed graduation date provided by the PA program.
Graduation RateNumber of cohort graduates divided by the entering class size.
GroupAll takers include first time takers as well as those individuals in the class who repeated the exam one or more times. First time takers are those candidates who took PANCE for the first time.
Number of Candidates Who Took PANCENumber of individuals from the class who have taken PANCE. Fist time takers are included in the all takers group.
Number of Exam AttemptsTotal number of exams administered, including multiple exam attempts for an individual candidate in the all takers group. (This is a count of exams administered, not a count of individual candidates.)
Number of Exams PassedNumber of exams administered that resulted in a passing score.
Program Exam Pass RatePercent of exams that were passed as compared to the number of exams that were administered to the class, including multiple exams taken by individual candidates.
National Exam Pass Rate for the Class Graduation YearPercent of exams that were passed at the national level as compared to the number of exams that were administered. The calculation is based on the total number of exams administered and passed, not the number of individual candidates. The reporting period is based on the calendar year corresponding with the class graduation year and will only be provided after the end of the current calendar year.
% of Candidates in the Class Who Ultimately Passed PANCEPercent of candidates from the specified class that have passed PANCE as of the date the report was generated, regardless of the number of attempts or the calendar year in which PANCE was passed.