All the students are strongly encouraged to gain professional and valuable experiences as the volunteers in the off-campus institutions.

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley is looking for:

  • People who like to build things — carpentry, electrical, mechanical skills needed to build exhibits.
  • People who can help at the front desk — welcoming patrons and answering questions, during week days.
  • People who like to work directly with kids — for school programs during week days.

The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley is located at 1000 Main Street, Wheeling, WV. Visit www.cmovkids.org or contact”

Vera Uyehara
Executive Director
Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley
1000 Main Street
Wheeling, WV 26003
[email protected]

Augusta Levy Learning Center (Autism School)

The Augusta Levy Learning Center is the first intensive autism treatment program in the Ohio Valley. Utilizing methods pioneered and proven by Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas of UCLA and his colleagues, and under the guidance of the Lovaas Institute For Early Intervention (LIFE), the Levy Center aims to enhance the language, social, academic and independent living skills of its students.

Each student at the Levy Center has his or her own unique curriculum based on the child’s needs and abilities and receives at least 30 hours a week of intensive, 1:1 instruction using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

College students in special education, early education, and psychology might have particular interest in this Center.  To be considered as a volunteer, please visit https://augustalevylearningcenter.org/ or contact:

Center Director Kathy Shapell
[email protected]


The West Liberty University Education Department is teaming up with Project DESTINY, a non-profit organization, to make a difference in local communities, by serving to change the destiny of one child and family at a time.

Project DESTINY is a 21st Century Community Education Project servicing Brooke and Hancock counties. The project is dedicated in providing nearly 200 local youth with safe, nurturing, and educational after school environments and programs in order to enhance student achievement and character.

Nearly four years ago, Tina Zago, a local teacher, and Joseph Cuomo, a local pastor, had the idea to establish a program, which focused on the well-being of local youth and their families. Pastor Cuomo said, “The project was birthed out of hearing the cries from the hearts of wounded children.” Cuomo continued to say, “The name for the project was inspired by the plight of an eight year old girl named Destiny, who is a child in crisis and is in need of being rescued from the “destiny” she now faces.”

Destiny was found, in the cold, sitting on a sidewalk during a hard-driving rain, without any adult supervision. When Destiny was questioned about her abandonment, she stated that she was not permitted entrance to the home. Two teenage boys sadistically prohibited her from coming in out of the rain and the darkness. Destiny shared that this was not an isolated incident and that it frequently occurred. She often would pray for God to help make her happy. Situations like Destiny’s are not uncommon among our youth. Destiny is part of a generation that Project DESTINY, with the help of over 40 collaborative local partners, including West Liberty University, wants to help save from the difficult times they face, both current and future.

Project DESTINY programs originated at the Weirton Christian Center in 2007, and have since expanded to the Mary H. Weir Public Library, The Follansbee Christian Center, and the Henderson Chapel in Wellsburg. Professional educators volunteer at each site to supervise and facilitate programs in addition to the nearly 75 other volunteers. Each Project DESTINY location offers a number of programs including, but not limited to, homework help and tutoring, literacy programs, community service projects, art and music, drug awareness and prevention programs, entrepreneurial programs, family and holiday events. In addition, parent-training programs are offered through the services of diverse community partners.

As of summer 2010, Project DESTINY was awarded an AmeriCorps VISTA for three years to help develop funds to expand sites, enhance programs, and establish additional partnerships. In addition, Ashley Zago, West Liberty Education major and AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer recruiter will be working directly with the Education Department to offer Education majors the opportunity to share their time, talents, and abilities with local youth. This is an exciting opportunity and the first year, college and university students are permitted to serve as full-time AmeriCorps VISTA members.

Project DESTINY is grateful for the cooperation and support of Dr. Camden, and the West Liberty University Department of Education. Education majors can now complete ten hours of required field experience for EDUC 207, Foundations of Education, with Project DESTINY. Also, the department is focusing on incorporating Project DESTINY volunteer hours into a Special Topics course to be offered during the spring semester. In addition, volunteering for Project DESTINY is a great opportunity for students to build their resumes and portfolios, as well as experience a ‘real-world” educational project that will prove to be personally gratifying.

Cuomo believes the vision of Project DESTINY, to change one’s destiny, is being realized. West Liberty University Dental Hygiene major and former Project DESTINY youth participant and volunteer, Jennifer McClure said, “ Project DESTINY programs helped me to stay focused on school and provided an environment in which I could grow and mature. It was encouraging to know there were many people always willing to help me.”  McClure encourages others to volunteer and experience helping others, while making a difference in local communities.

Project DESTINY is interested in obtaining volunteers to serve and is accepting applications. Those interested in volunteering can contact:

AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Recruiter
[email protected]