Community Education

Community Education Minor – 18 hours
The Community Education minor is appropriate for students in any career fields who get in contact and are interested in teaching and working with children, youth, and adults (lifelong learners) in the community and 21st Century non-formal and informal learning environments. These fields could include business, (elementary/secondary) education, nursing, psychology, science, social work, speech pathology, etc. Students in comprehensive area programs (art, music, and physical education) would also be able to add the minor.

EDUC 201  3 hrs
Human Development
CEP 411     3 hrs Formal and Non-Formal Education Models
CEP 421     3 hrs
CEP 422     3 hrs
Promoting Creativity and the ArtsOutdoor Learning Spaces
CEP 433     3 hrs Program Design and Implementation
CEP 442     3 hrs Community Empowerment and Engagement
CEP 443     3 hrs Fundraising and Grant Writing