Gold Headlines: April 18, 2015



=Course Feature:Project GOLD=
Project GOLD is an initiative in the College of Education at West Liberty University matching students interested in volunteer work and service learning with non-profit organizations (e.g., Brooke County Historical Museum & Culture Center, PAW 21st Century After-School Learning Program, Team Mojo Foundation, Y Not Repeat Boutique in YWCA) in the tri-state region. After selecting the organization from our list of community partners, the students commit to a semester (60 hours) of volunteer work. The students are concurrently enrolled in a 3-hour credit course, EDUC 478 Community-Based Learning, in the College of Education requiring they document and reflect upon the experience. Contact Dr. Keely Camden, Dean of College of Education, at 304-336-8247 or [email protected] with any questions!

=Center for Arts and Education Facilitated 15th Annual MAD FEST=
West Liberty University’s College of Arts and Communication hosted the 15th annual Media Arts Design Festival drawing nearly 400 students from West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, along with WLU’s media arts design students last Friday. The Center for Arts and Education Director, Lou Karas, led the students and staff to facilitate the event. Karas stated, “Thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped get everything ready for MAD Fest!”

=Faculty Promoted Health and Functional Movement Screen=
Our faculty Dr. David Hanna, Abu Ma’afala, and Catherine Monteroso, along with Justin Kiger of Mountain River Physical Therapy collaborated with the Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Committee to offer a free health screening (e.g., blood screening, blood pressure, BMI and nutrition counseling) and functional movement test to all interested West Liberty University employees this Monday. PEIA was also on hand signing up faculty and staff for the walking program in which all participants will receive a free pedometer regardless of insurance. Those interested can attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 29, in the Boyle conference room of the ASRC at noon. If you are interested and can not make the meeting please contact Cathy Monteroso [email protected] or Anthony Salatino [email protected]. The walking program is on an individual basis on your own time. There is no group requirement or time commitment. Thanks again to the Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Committee for organizing a great day. Jim Stultz was able to arrange some great gift cards for prizes. Abu Ma’afala organized Mountain River participation to conduct the FMS screening and have them provide corrective exercises. Anthony Salatino organized the schedule and arranged for PEIA to participate. Dr. David Hanna worked the registration. Catherine Monteroso scheduled the Health Plan.

=Celebrating Week of the Young Child with “Training Tuesday”=
Kathleen Wack and students from PE 343 visited Holy Family Child Care Center in Wheeling this Tuesday to celebrate Week of the Young Child, promoted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. They visited each classroom and worked with children ages 6 months-5 years on gross and fine motor skills. Children practiced throwing skills, moved like animals, cooperated, danced, and cooled down with yoga. Along the way, Wack and students used some imagination, music, and homemade equipment to promote play. For example, socks turned into balls, snow, rain, leaves, lava, and puppets. A laundry basket became a basketball hoop and a volcano, while beach towels transformed into parachutes. Dish towels were used as yoga mats, personal space markers, bases, and partner parachutes. Wack said, “Through this experience, our university students witnessed firsthand the developmental milestones and differences that occur physically, emotionally, and socially among young children. It was also important for us to promote physical literacy among the youngest children in our community. Developing physical literacy–which refers to a child’s competence, confidence and motivation to move–by age 6 has been found to be a key factor in whether or not a child grows into a physically active, healthy adult.” Student Kaitlyn Moore (pictured) said, “The children were so excited to see us! I really enjoyed giving the children fun activities to do. The staff were very nice and enjoyed us being there. I would love to spend more time teaching movement activities with all of the children there.”

=Exclusive Nearpod Webinear=
The faculty in the College of Education participated in the professional development training, Exclusive Nearpod WebiNear, hosted by the Nearpod Team this Wednesday to understand and explore the enhanced features of Nearpod and the school edition administrative tools engaging students with interactive multimedia presentations, contents, and assessments in real time and asynchronously. Our faculty will integrate this tool through PC, Chromebook, Mac, and mobile device (e.g., iPad) into their teaching modeling the usage of Nearpod in the class setting and enhancing learning.

=Fitness and Fun Day=
The College of Education hosted the Fitness and Fun Day this Thursday from 9 AM to 2 PM at the ASRC of West Liberty University. This semester 110 students with disabilities, 50 special educators and paraprofessional, and almost 100 West Liberty University students participated. Special thanks to Sarah Schimmel, Assistant Professor of Special Education, Kathleen Wack, Instructor of Physical Education, and Dr. Judy Stechly, Professor of Elementary Education, for their coordination. Also, special assistance was provided by numerous faculty and students. Throughout the day, the WL students were guiding the students with special need through physical and art-based activity stations. The trip to eat buffet-style in the cafeteria is always a hit. This day allows students with special needs to spend the day at the University, while the WL students get first-hand experience with students with a variety of disabilities. All students and faculty leaves with good memories of their day!

=hAPPy Friday Tools/Apps Learning=
Project Noah is a free app/platform for documenting the biodiversity. Teachers are using this app for science, biology, and outdoor education to help students learn to notice, describe, and recognize organisms around them. Project Noah has its own Website that creates an active community providing users with powerful force for data collection, species discussion, and educational tools for wildlife awareness and preservation. BBC commented, “Project Noah is a modern invention that may hold the key to saving species in the future.” Please watch a brief Tutorial Video to know a quick how-to.