Featured Alumnus – Amy Ludewig

ludewigMajor/Certification: Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Working on Master’s Degree in Technology at West Liberty University
Hometown: Follansbee, WV
Year of Graduation: May 2012/Expected December 2013 for Master’s Degree
Professional Experiences: Worked at St. John School in Wellsburg as the Religion, Technology, and Preschool Teacher. Currently employed at Wellsburg Middle School – Teaching Technology in the Writing Lab for Brooke County Schools.

Background and Interests/Hobbies:
My home is in Follansbee, West Virginia, where I live with my husband, our daughter and our pets. I enjoy helping in my community with the Follansbee Community Days, working at St. Anthony’s Church as a Parish Pastoral Council member, as well as a participating Lector and Eucharistic Minister. Teaching is a passion of mine along with learning and my faith. My interests are my job, reading, technology, and computers.  I love spending time with my family and friends, especially at the beach!

Reason for Choosing WL and the College of Education:
It is my belief that my life path, choose education for me. I did not hesitate to select West Liberty University as where I would attend college.  My first view of the campus was impressive as I toured with my daughter as she considered her college choices.  That day she made her decision to attend West Liberty University and I would follow her the next summer; the catholic school where I was employed was downsized, so the decision to go back to school to further my employment opportunities was at hand.

Change is never easy for me, and I was feeling overwhelmed.  Add to this my daughter’s desire to have her own space, and one would think that attending West Liberty University was not the right choice, but it proved to work out wonderfully for both my daughter and me.  The College of Education offered me support, planning, and educational opportunities that helped me to graduate in two years time.  The teacher education program presented fabulous opportunities that were relevant, practical, and furthered my abilities within my profession. The knowledge of the professors has helped me be prepared, confident, and skilled within my classroom, wherein real life meets the new graduate.

Favorite Learning/Classroom/Faculty Moments in the College of Education:
Without a doubt my favorite memories, and favorite faculty member are one in the same. “These favorite moments” are any class that I had the honor of receiving instruction from the Dean of Education, Dr. Keely Camden.   Along with this inspiring quality, she is without a doubt a fabulous person that truly makes learning relevant, fun, memorable, and useful! This sentiment seems shared by many people that hear her name, as this is the quote that follows anyone who has experienced her unique teaching, “I love her!” Dr. Keely Camden has inspired me to someday have my middle students utter those words because I have somehow made a difference in their lives, as Dr. Camden has in mine.