Q. Are there preferences in the selection process?

A. The following are preferences and not prerequisites: A background in a health-related field Community service West Virginia residency West Liberty University graduate  

Q. Are there additional requirements for the program?

A. All candidates must be able to pass a background check and a drug test before being admitted to the program. Students must also pass subsequent background checks and drug tests … Continue reading

Q. Is the GRE or MCAT required to apply to the program?

A. The GRE or MCAT is not required to apply to the program. Screening exams in English Composition and Medical Terminology will be administered during the interview process.

Q. What GPA must I have to apply to the program?

A. To apply to the program, one must have a 3.0 GPA overall and a 3.0 GPA in the Sciences.

Q. What degree will be given upon successful completion of the program?

A. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be awarded the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS) degree.

Q. How many classes are admitted each year?

A. One class will be admitted each July.

Q. Is there a time-limit on courses taken previously?

A. No

Q. How long is the course of study?

A. The physician assistant program is a 24-month long program and consists of 12 months of didactic course work and 12 months of clinical experience.

Q. When does the Physician Assistant program at West Liberty University begin?

A.  West Liberty University matriculated it’s first class in July, 2012.  Every new class thereafter, will also matriculate each July.