Senior Project: Fall 2020

Project Advisor, Moonjung Kang

Visual Communication Design

Danielle Eddy

My name is Danielle Eddy. I studied Graphic Design at West Liberty University. I am from Clarksburg West Virginia. I enjoy creating editorial layouts, motion graphics, brand identities, and print and digital assets. I have learned a lot about how important it is to create an exceptional experience for my viewers. I am very passionate about making sure that each product that I design provides that great experience.

As a teenager, I was always designing birthday cards and wedding invitations for family and friends. This inspired me to go into Graphic Design. I wanted to learn how to turn my hobby into something more sustainable as a career. I have learned that there are so many more things that I can do as a graphic designer than I ever thought of before I got into this line of work.

Samantha Shipley

My name is Samantha Shipley, and I am from Wheeling, WV. I have always found myself creating from a young age and decided to turn that passion into a life career. My love for hand-created illustrations is what drives my passion, and it is my hope to create a brand for myself that turns hand-crafted art into sellable and fruitful designs. My Senior Project is a fictional company called “Trifecta Chick” which creates psychedelic designs and merchandise for lovers of “The Psychedelic 60’s.” This project contains original character illustrations of musical icons and explores the styles, colors, and feel of the 1960’s.

Shayla Murray

My name is Shayla Murray, and I’m originally from Wheeling, West Virginia. I am graduating with a Visual Communication Design degree with a minor in Photography. I have a fondness for all types of graphic design, but last year I grew to really love and appreciate motion graphics. My senior exhibition is an abstract motion graphic video highlighting the most monumental event of LGBTQ+ history: The Stonewall Riots. The motion graphic is a serious and informative video highlighting an essential part of history that not many people know.

Taylor Whitted

I am Taylor Whitted; I am from Zanesville, OH. I have a passion for art, photography, and traveling. Over these past few years I have come to enjoy digital illustration, UI/UX design, and branding. After graduation, I plan to find a job pertaining to Visual Communication, hopefully near or around Columbus, OH. For my Senior Project, I created the branding and UI/UX design, for an app called Peaceful Placement, along with an advertisement for said app.

William Tallman

I am William Tallman, and I majored in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Photography at West Liberty University, and I will be graduating in December. During my time I have found enjoyment for work such as branding identities, posters, and package design, editorial layouts, and design thinking concepts. I have found that I am most passionate about creating with others and combining ideas together to create a work with meaning, and I plan to use these values when working with clients in the future. 

Growing up, I would create pieces of art every day, and my family would encourage me. I knew I wanted to have a career where I could create things for myself and others. I wanted to share my vision with others and happiness along the way. I found Graphic Design and was amazed by all the opportunities and the diversity of the work and decided it would be a perfect choice.

Upon completing my Bachelors, I would like to participate in study abroad programs where I can earn a master’s degree in graphic design so that I can go on to teach and inspire others who are interested. This field has shown me endless possibilities and options of design and I’m eager to experience life outside in the process.