Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design offers students a unique degree in Visual Communication Design,  combining many aspects of art and digital media with technical training in video, photography, graphic design, audio production, web design, new media, and animation. Students develop a broad range of communication skills in visualization, communication, presentation, writing, and technology and grow as creative storytellers over a broad range of media.

Life as a Digital Media Design Student at WLU

The skills learned in DMD provide an excellent foundation for careers in video production, graphic design, content creation, publishing, web design, and specialist careers in the art, design, and digital media industries. Students experience lectures, workshops, tutorials, and project work, including opportunities for independent learning and internships

What can I do with a DMD degree?

Employers around the world are constantly in need of skilled digital media strategists, designers, and producers to develop content for their brands. Some jobs may include:

  • Digital Content Creator
  • Content Marketer
  • Video Editor
  • Video Producer
  • Digital Content Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Documentarian

Many of our students even work as freelancers during their college careers, taking their skills from the classroom to the next level to create independent work for local companies, organizations, and individuals.

Digital Media Design Student Work

‘What’s Up West Lib?’ Is a weekly students-produced segment of “man-on-the-street” style interviews where each week they come up with a new question for the campus community.

Where will I have class?

Based out of the Media Arts Center and Fine Arts Building, DMD students will spend the majority of their time in the MAC Lab, a classroom with iMac computers loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite, a state-of-the-art sound recording studio, a television studio, a photography studio, as well as a painting/drawing studio, printmaking studio, and a ceramics lab! 

What do I need?

  A full lab with iMac computers with Adobe Suite is available on campus, but some students prefer to have their own computers. Before purchasing your own computer, you may want to speak with one of our faculty members for a recommendation on what specs to look for. You are also welcome to purchase an Adobe license if you want to have access to Adobe products on your personal computer. 

You may also wish to purchase a camera. There are many options available, but if you’re just starting out, we suggest the Canon Rebel T7i, T8i, or the SL3. 

Our faculty are happy to help you find the right equipment for your needs as a student and your personal goals!

Digital Media Design Course Sequence

Freshman Year

First Semester: Fall

  • ART 110 2D Foundation Design
  • ART 190 Intro to Computer Graphics

Second Semester: Spring

  • ART 285 Photography I
  • COM 225 TV Field Production
  • DMD 203 Adobe Video Editing

Sophomore Year

First Semester: Fall

  • ART 388 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • ART 392 Web Design and Development
  • DMD 204 Audio For Media
  • MUS 287 Recording Techniques

Second Semester: Spring

  • COM 202 Communication in the Professional Sphere
  • DMD 201 MID-Program Review

Junior & Senior Years

  • Junior First Semester: Fall
    • ART 295 Fundamental of UI/UX Design
    • DMD 300 Sight, Sound, and Motion
    • DMD 318 New Media Practicum 

Junior & Senior Years

Junior Second Semester: Spring
  • ART 495 Motion Graphics
  • COM 311 Media and Society
  • COM 420 3-D Animation & Graphics
  • DMD 307 Screenwriting for Film

Senior First Semester: Fall

  • ART 490 Senior Project
  • ART 493 Advanced UI/UX Design 
  • DMD 308 Narrative Film Techniques

Second Semester: Spring

  • ART 405 Web Technologies for Digital Designers
  • COM 362 Podcasting: Production, Performance, and Publication


Computer & Technology Specifications
Blank Schedule for Pre-Registration
F111 Graphics Lab – Open Schedule
Nutting Gallery Openings
Local Design Opportunities and Events (Free AIGA Online events, Studio Tours, etc)

Another strength of the WLU Art program is accessibility to many possible internships. As part of the required practicum in their upper level coursework all students work with real world clients. Recent clients include:

Internships are not required but are strongly encouraged and easily coordinated with the Visual Communication Design faculty. Some of these internships include:

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