Senior Capstone Project: Fall 2021

Project Advisor: Moonjung Kang, Professor of Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication: Graphic Design

Lauren Anderson

My name is Lauren Anderson, I am a graduating senior at West Liberty University studying Visual Communication Design. I originally came to West Liberty as a Zoo Science major but changed to Visual Communication Design after one semester. This change was a major turning point in my life and allowed me to explore my passions while creating new ones along the way. I started to focus more on the consequences of design and how people’s personalities, feelings, and overall consciousness can affect the way things are perceived. In other words I began to analyze the impacts of design before I began making something visually appealing. This new way of thinking has taken me on many journeys, not only through my personal depiction of myself but also in my design skills and style. I create to better understand myself and people in a deeper way. 

I created Planterra because plants allowed me to connect with family members, and I believe that design is truly about connection. The Planterra app helps people grow indoor plants with ease. It does this by giving the user the ability to connect and share plant tips with others, ask others for help when their plant is sick, and most importantly reminds them to care for their plants every week. A way to keep user’s interested is to give them a highly interactive space, in order to do that Planterra encourages its users to connect and grow their plants with rewards and challenges. This game space mentality will keep plant lovers engaged and interested in keeping the app.

Jub Delbrugge

I’m Jub. I was born and raised right here in Wheeling, West Virginia and have spent most of my life being creative and have always been ambitious to share my highly imaginative mind with the people around me. My family has always encouraged me to be creative and I found the greatest meaning in creating, drawing, and painting for the people I love. Since attending West Liberty University, I have not only learned far more than I ever imagined I could, but I’ve also honed my skills and developed what it is that I love doing… And that is, being creative. Whether it’s through editorial layout, branding, motion graphics, or illustration – bringing joy to those that view my work is what gives me purpose and drives my passion to create. 

I first attended West Liberty in hopes of developing a career in Computer Information Systems, but when the numbers got the best of me, I fell back on what I truly love to do, and I haven’t looked back. The ability to professionally create for others and bring joy and satisfaction to those I work for not only drives me to do the very best work I can – it also inspired the basis of my senior project.

Karleigh Kowcheck

I am Karleigh Kowcheck and I am a Visual Communication Designer. In December 2021, I will graduate from West Liberty University. My time at West Liberty exposed me to many different areas of design and helped me discover my passion for branding design. I started my own brand in 2019 and used that to inspire my senior project and combine it with my hobbies. 

For my senior project I created a clothing brand, “AMBI”, for the skate, bike, and roller community. This brand is inspired by the ambitious people who have made skating, biking, and rolling their lifestyle. The goal for AMBI is to accurately represent the lifestyle of these people and depict what’s happening day to day. AMBI is a contemporary brand that is exciting to keep up with because we keep up with the skate, bike, and roller community. Designing clothing has been an interest of mine for many years because the idea of people wearing my art and representing my brand is truly a dream come true. I believe branding is personal because it means those people buying and wearing my brand relate to me and understand my message.

Abbie Henry

I am Abbie Henry, and I am from Charleston, West Virginia. I will be graduating with a degree in Visual Communication Design in December 2021 at West Liberty University. With an ardent design mind, there is not much room for simplistic gestures. That spark that surfaces out of nowhere is what has driven me to immerse myself in the design process. Visual Communication Design is the act of correspondence visually through the usage of color, type, shape, composition, and other creative factors. My major encompasses my attributes into a medley of brand work, packaging design, editorial layout, and typography. The fact that I can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time makes me feel like my impact on the world might not turn out to be so small.

Olivia Negley

Hi, my name is Liv; I am from Freeport, PA. In December 2021 I will be graduating with a degree in Visual Communications. I have grown to love digital illustrations, branding identities, and editorial layout. Creative problem solving and teamwork are what is most important to me. Building relationships with people you’re surrounded by every day is essential and necessary. 

This project helped me heal and cleansed my soul in a way I did not think was possible. Survivors of sexual violence can stay silent for years, some may never speak out. Yes, they want to survive. They do yoga, meditation, or growing plants. They eat a lot of chocolate or ice cream. Each person must find the strength within themselves; even though sometimes it feels like hope is lost. There are many resources around to receive support from. Sexual violence is not an easy thing to get over. Finding support is how people prevail. This brand is to reach out to someone, someone who is struggling and isn’t sure if it gets better. The truth is that it will never be erased from their brain. What matters is how much they fight for their mental health afterwards, and how much we help them to win their battle to purify their wounds.