Available Loans

PERKINS LOAN A loan awarded based on financial need. Repayment of the loan must begin nine months after the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled. The interest rate is 5% and is not applied until after the nine-month grace period. The current loan amount ranges from $100 to $5500. An entrance interview and exit interview are required for any student awarded this loan. The Business Office conducts both the entrance and exit Interviews for the Perkins Loan.

DIRECT STAFFORD LOAN PROGRAM A federal subsidized and unsubsidized loan program available to all students.   Maximum loan amounts are $5500 for freshmen, $6500 for sophomores, and $7500 for juniors and seniors. The interest rate is currently 6.8% fixed on unsubsidized loans and 6.0% fixed on subsidized loans.   Repayment of the interest and principal begins six months after graduation or enrollment ceases EXCEPT for the interest on an unsubsidized loan, which the student is responsible for while still enrolled in classes. An entrance interview and exit interview are also required for any student receiving a Direct Stafford Loan. The Financial Aid Office conducts the entrance and Exit interviews for Direct Stafford Loans or can be completed online at

PLUS LOAN A federal loan program available to parents. A PLUS Loan Date Request Form must also be completed in the Financial Aid office. The loan amount is determined either by the parent’s request or by the eligibility remaining towards the student’s cost of attendance. A credit check is required and will be processed by the Direct Loan Service. The current interest rate is 7.9% fixed. Repayment is made through the Direct Loan Program and begins 60 days after the last disbursement of the loan is received. Usually the last disbursement is received in January.  To print an application click on the link below.

ALTERNATIVE LOAN PROGRAM There are several alternative loan programs available to students who need additional funding for school expenses. Alternative loans are not federal student loans, but are credit based student loans that often require a cosigner.  Repayment of alternative loans is usually deferred until the student graduates or ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. Listed below are some of the lenders commonly used by our students.  You are not required to use one of the lenders listed below.  For more information or to apply, click on one of the lenders listed below.   Alternative loan information is also available in the Financial Aid office.

PNC Bank-Solution Loan for Undergraduate Students

Chase Select Student Loans

For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid:

Chris Taskalines
Financial Aid Manager
West Liberty University
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Phone # 304-336-8016
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