Art is Alive at WLU

From award winning faculty members, to award winning students, West Liberty’s art program is constantly buzzing with excitement. If you love art, then you have come to the right place. Browse the site, then make an appointment to browse our facilities. Sit in on a class, meet the professors, take in a gallery show. There is always something happening in the art department at West Liberty University.

Timeless Principles of Design & Education

One of the strengths of the curriculum for the visual arts degree programs is the ability to incorporate the timeless principles of design with the changes in technology and the new career possibilities. This is made possible by adhering to the philosophy and understanding that education precedes design.

4 Different Programs to Match Your Needs


The Division of Art faculty engages students in a variety of ways outside the classroom. This takes the form of field trips, workshops, gallery events, etc. These are activities faculty engages in outside of required course work. Here are some highlights:

 MADfest  Extreme Art Night  Nutting Art Gallery


We believe that creativity is an important component that helps students adapt and adjust to a rapidly changing field. By incorporating the timeless principles of design and education, the Division of Art  prepares students for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow.


Special facilities for the Division of Art include a graphic design classroom with fifteen Macintosh computers, with Internet access, projection system, storage area, and a professional quality laser printer. The Division of Art also makes use of a painting/drawing studio, sculpture studio, twenty five-seat lecture room, the Nutting Art Gallery and a printmaking lab. Digital Media Design majors have access to a Midi lab, state of the art sound recording studio, state of the art television studio and Media Arts classrooms.

Visual Arts in ACTION

6″ x 6″ x 6″

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va., Jan. 16, 2015 — The annual Art Faculty Exhibition opens the new semester at West Liberty University with a unique display of six-inch art from the experts. On display from Jan. 21 through Feb. 12, 2015, the exhibition begins with a public reception, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 21 in West Liberty University’s Nutting Gallery. 2015_Faculty_Exhibition_Postcard Art faculty members participating in this year’s exhibition are Sarah Davis, Brian Fencl, James Haizlett, Martyna Matusiak, Moon Jung Kang, Rebecca Kiger, Lee Ann Thill, Nancy Tirone, Lambros Tsuhlares and Robert Villamagna. In addition, Dr. Matthew D. Harder, interim dean, College of Arts and Communication, will present a sound installation based on the exhibition theme. “Each year the Art Faculty Exhibition features a theme and this year the art faculty selected the theme of “6 X 6 X 6,” said Gallery Director Robert Villamagna. “Artworks in the exhibition may be of any media and on any subject, however, each work must be no larger than six inches in any direction.” “Having a new theme for the exhibition each year does a number of things,” he noted, “It brings a freshness to the annual exhibition, it challenges the members of the art faculty, and it shows students how a diverse group of artists each approach a single problem or idea each in their own unique way and in a variety of media. This year the “theme” is based on size.” Here are just a few examples of what visitors to the exhibition will see: Associate Professor of Creative Arts Therapy Lee Ann Thill explores the physical properties of paint... read more

Design Students Attend Letterpress Lecture in Pittsburgh

Design students and faculty braved the cold weather and terrible traffic to attend “Behind the Platen,” a Pittsburgh AIGA sponsored lecture and exhibition. Letterpress has seen a resurgence in recent years, and we were able to see examples of its use in contemporary design. Brandon Boan of Tip Type Design Studio was the principle lecturer. He purchased an old shop and is now experimenting with different forms of image making using antique tools and processes. Here are some examples of letterpress equipment and products.... read more

Fall 2014 Senior Exhibition

West Liberty University’s Senior Exhibition for Fall 2014 features eight talented student artists: Sydney Bennett, Lindsey Fair, Lucas Fauble, Abbie Merryman, Miranda Pellicano, Natalie Rees, Emma Romanowski and Shannon Yates. The art they created is varied and interesting, offering everything from a comic strip like artwork to interactive graphic design images with audio, video and sculpture. “This is one of the best senior shows we’ve had in a while. The students worked hard and I congratulate them on the result,” said Assistant Professor of Art Robert Villamagna, who is the director of the Nutting Gallery. All students created a formal artist statement to go with their artwork. “The world is a very chaotic place. We are constantly in motion, at times eager to catch our breath. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the beauty of the world and to take for granted the wonder of life. I believe my job, as an artist, is to capture a moment, a memory, even a thought so that it can stand still and be appreciated without limits,” said Natalie Rees. Rees believes all art is a gift and allows her to create memories that will not fade. She is donating all money made from the sale of her art in the exhibition to the Alzheimer’s Association ( Artist Lindsey Fair created work that explores the theme of body image on social and personal levels. “It is truly unfortunate that our society’s standards of beauty is heavily directed and pressured by impossible beauty ideals… My artwork takes a critical view of the social views by which women’s body image is influenced,” Fair said.... read more

Paper View

“Paper View” features the work of printmakers Maria Mangano of Pittsburgh and Randy Yoho of Charleston, WV. The show opened on October 29th with an opening and artist talk by both printmakers. The show will close on November 20, 2014 and will be followed by the 2014 fall Senior Exhibition. The show is open Monday to Friday from 9 to 3PM or by request. Maria Mangano is an artist whose work focuses on the intersection of nature, museums, and science to address issues of wildness, conservation, memory, and humanness. A native of Syracuse, NY, Mangano moved to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon University. More of her work can be found on her website Randy Yoho of Kanawha County, WV is an award of excellence winner from the West Virginia Division of Culture and adjunct lecturer in art around the Charleston area. His oversized woodcut prints focus on line reminiscent of topographical maps and are impressive for their scale and amount of labor involved. Mission The Nutting Gallery is dedicated to educating, enriching and engaging students and the public through art exhibitions of the highest quality and to promoting the visual arts within our community. The Gallery fulfills this mission through eight exhibitions during the academic year. This exhibition schedule includes five exhibitions by visiting artists, two Senior Exhibitions, and the Annual Art Faculty Exhibition. The Nutting Gallery is also dedicated to supporting the educational and cultural mission of West Liberty University. These offerings are supported by the Department of Art and Communications, and guided by the Gallery... read more

Graphic Design Students visit Portland Design Week

By Hannah Mason A group of WLU graphic design professors and senior graphic design students spent five days in Portland, Oregon for West Liberty’s first Design Week trip. The group, consisting of professors James Haizlett, Moonjung Kang, and Sarah Davis, and senior graphic design students Sydney Bennett, Jessica Wilson, Chloe Woods, and Miranda Pellicano, left for Portland on Saturday, Oct. 4 and came back on Wednesday, Oct. 8. Design Week Portland was a weeklong event highlighting arts and design in Portland, Oregon, including graphic arts, photography, architecture, fashion, and film, Associate Professor of Graphic Design James Haizlett said. This was the first time that the graphic design program took students to Design Week, but each year, a different US city hosts the event. WLU’s graphic design program hopes to offer the trip every year from now on to graduating seniors. Each morning of Design Week, Haizlett said, the group would start out at a central hub in the middle of Portland, where they would plan their activities for the day. Some of their many activities included, he said, “free exhibitions, studio tours, environmental installations, and social gatherings with other designers.” They also attended seminars and gallery openings, and toured art museums and exhibits. One of the most important things that the students were able to do while in Portland, though, according to senior graphic design major Miranda Pellicano, was networking and gaining professional graphic design contacts. “The Portland designers opened up their doors,” she said, “and we took the opportunity to take a step in.” Student Sydney Bennett agreed. “We reached out and networked with people clear across the... read more

Graphic Design III team presentations

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 BY MAUREEN ZAMBITO Every fall, West Liberty University College of Arts and Communication graphic design seniors have a chance to experience the challenge of presenting their work to a discriminating audience. The design presentation took place in the Boyle Conference Room from noon until 1 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 17. From left, Sydney Bennett, Jessica Wilson, Kylie Woyat, Chloe Woods, Alexis Irvin, Lucas Fauble, Miranda Pelicano, Elizabeth Pabst and Carly Jochumsen pose after the competition. During the competition, student teams present their own team corporate identities as they prepare to do “business” with campus and community organizations. The teams provide examples of their past work and compete in packaging themselves as the strongest design team to the audience. Student team names and members include: Ebb and Flow Ink – Alexis Irvin, Miranda Pelicano and Chloe Woods. Ethøs – Sydney Bennett, Jessica Wilson and Kylie Woyat. We Must Design – Lucas Fauble, Carly Jochumsen and Elizabeth Pabst. “This is a great chance for students to practice their communications skills and hone their message in front of a professional audience comprised of campus faculty, administration, and community leaders. It’s their first milestone on the way to working with real clients on community projects throughout the semester,” said Associate Professor James Haizlett. Audience members were given scorecards to grade the students on their presentations and are given the opportunity to provide valuable critique. Haizlett then tallied up the votes to select the winning student team. Audience members were given scorecards to grade the students on their presentations and are given the opportunity to provide valuable critique. Haizlett then tallied up... read more