Communication Studies

Our department offers two communication majors and two minors and boasts a faculty committed to providing students with an understanding of the theories and practices of their respective disciplines. We do this by combining real-world experiences with real-world studies to teach students real-world skills.




The Broadcasting major is designated as a “Pillar of Distinction” at West Liberty University. Over the next ten years, career opportunities for broadcast news analysts are projected to increase nationwide by six percent.

Media Communications

This major is perfect for students with multiple interests and diverse talents. It also offers one or two concentrations:

Journalism-public relations
Design production
Media production

Journalism Minor

This program provides our students with the theory and practice for a rewarding career in journalism.

Public Relations Minor

The PR minor builds on foundational principles while allowing the student to have an emphasis in a number of disciplines; graphic design, journalism, communications, PR research and theory, and social media.

Tools for Their Future


Our students are provided with opportunities and instruction that leads to developing critical thinking skills while building real-world oral and written skills within their own unique area of study. The seven majors and two minors we offer also focus on the unique nature of each area of study by presenting real-life working experiences in an educational setting.


With constantly evolving technology, today’s media and communication disciplines are innovative and interdisciplinary. In order to equip our students to meet the future demands of a changing society our experienced and knowledgeable faculty focuses on the practical application, historical study and critical analysis in a variety of disciplines. Faculty prepares our students of today to be the elite communicators and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Commitment

Our department offers  two communication majors and two minors  and boasts a faculty committed to providing students with an understanding of the theories and practices of their respective disciplines.

Our Mission

To provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skill to achieve career success, to be viable practitioners within their professional disciplines, and to be prepared for advanced graduate study.


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