Academic Programs

Students in the Gary E. West College of Business earn the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree, the most widely accepted baccalaureate degree for students pursuing careers in business.  Earning a B.S.B.A. indicates to potential employers that you have exposure to all the basic functional areas of business.

In addition to the Business Core courses required, students have a wide variety of options for pursuing their interests.  Click on any of the programs of study listed at right for a description, course outlines, and advising suggestions.

The Gary E. West College of Business offers a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Accounting, Management, and Healthcare Administration. The online format is 30-credit hours (10 courses) and each course is offered online in an accelerated format of seven-week classes. The in-seat format will be offered with a concentration in Management starting Fall 2020 at the Highlands Center Campus one night per week for 4 hours per 7-week term.

Business Core Courses


To prepare students to enter the fields of public or private accounting with an adequate background to be effective practitioners.

Computer Information Systems

Students graduating from CIS specialization are entering a job market offering numerous opportunities for employment such as Programmers , Application analyst, Data analyst and much more.

Data Analytics Minor

The data analytics minor will prepare students to organize data from various sources through the use of different statistical programs. Students will create visually appealing figures that present solutions to business problems.


Students will obtain Personal Computer (PC) and Networking skills that are needed for the communication of loT devices.  Overall, students will get practical hands-on industry-related experience.

Energy Management

The Energy Management program combines accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing to help students take on supervisory and management roles within the energy industry.


The Entrepreneurship major will prepare graduates to actively engage in organizations by contributing new and innovative ideas.

Financial Planning

The curriculum presents a combination of theory and applications designed to provide the student with the needed expertise to be successful in today’s financial environment and pursue a career in Financial Planning.

General Business

Students with broad training in business subjects can expect to find employment in widely varied types of business activity.

Online General Business Program

Classes can be completed in half the time, in a more intense class format than the standard 16-week semester.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is designed to prepare students for hospital positions in areas such as human resources, materials management, patient accounting, patient management, revenue cycle, and budget management.


Because managerial skills are universal in their application, career opportunities are varied. Supervisory and managerial positions can be found in all industries.


Marketing skills are needed in almost all industries as businesses, profit or nonprofit must continually seek ways of satisfying their customers’ needs. 

Sport Management

Students completing the sport management program earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Sport Management.

Zoo Management

Interested in Business?  Love the thought of working with animals?  If you answered yes to both of these questions we have developed the perfect degree for you!

Human Resource Management

Management majors are not eligible to declare the human resource management minor due to the large overlap of required courses.

Undergraduate Online Class Rotation

CompTIA Certification Prep Courses

MBA Courses


The MBA is academically robust, accessible, and focused on helping you achieve your career goals.

MBA Fraud and Forensic Investigation Concentration

A master’s in business administration (MBA) from West Liberty University (WLU) is a professional graduate degree program that offers students the opportunity to earn high-level business curriculum so that they can become knowledgeable and well-rounded business professionals.

MBA Healthcare Management Concentration

The specialized masters of business administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management at West Liberty University puts your business management skills to work in a healthcare setting.

MBA Management Concentration

The benefits of an MBA in Management from WLU can be widespread, affecting both your personal and professional lives. You might learn new methods for conflict mediation, time and money management, and improved social skills.

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

West Liberty University offers a 100% online, 15 credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management program for individuals who wish to advance their professional knowledge and skills in the healthcare business.