Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program of study can prepare you to be an active participant in the Information Systems Digital Age.  The twenty-first century promises to be one of unparalleled opportunities for individuals with Computer Information Systems and business skills.

Major in Computer Information Systems

Students completing the Computer Information Systems program earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Computer Information Systems.

The Gary E. West College of Business Computer Information Systems (CIS) program is housed in Main Hall which contains four internet accessible computer labs available for CIS students.  The curriculum provides instruction in all areas of CIS.  Coursework is centered around programming, personal computers, and network operations.

Programming languages in the curriculum emphasize Microsoft Visual Studio, Database Management with a focus on Microsoft Sequel (SQL) Server, and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).  These programming languages provide CIS students with practical hands-on experience working with multiple software languages.  Personal Computer (PC) skills are learned by understanding PC software and hardware.  Networking knowledge is obtained by learning about data communications and industry standard models that regulate the communication between networked and loT devices.

Students graduating from CIS specialization are entering a job market offering numerous opportunities for employment such as:

  • Programmers
  • Application analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • IT technical support officer

CIS careers are available in a wide variety of opportunities for all types of organizations and businesses around the world.

Required Courses – Computer Info Systems MajorCredit Hours
West Liberty University General Studies37
Gary E. West College of Business Core45
CIS 340 Computer Programming & Logic3
CIS 366 Data Communications3
CIS 371 Advanced Visual Basic3
CIS 450 Systems Analysis & Development3
CIS 460 Management Information Systems3
CIS 463 Business Modeling3
CIS 482 Networking/Hardware3
Restricted Computer Information Systems Electives (Choose 1) 
CIS 481 Web & Application Development3
CIS 483 Database Design/SQL3
Business Minor Course11
Total 120


Advising Sheets Computer Information Systems Major

Click below to see detailed course requirements for the B.S.B.A. with a major in Computer Information Systems.  Current students can access their detailed requirements and completed courses in WINS, using DegreeWorks.

Computer Information Systems Minor

The Computer Information Systems minor offers students the opportunity to develop a proficiency in computer information systems while maintaining an auxiliary focus in another area.

Required Courses – Computer Information Systems MinorCredit Hours
CIS 270 Fundamentals of Information Systems3
CIS 271 Practical Computer Applications3
CIS 340 Computer Programming & Logic3
CIS 366 Data Communication3
CIS 372 Database Management Systems3
CIS 460 Management Information Systems3
CIS 463 Business Modeling3

Advising Sheets Computer Information Systems Minor