General Business Program 100% Online

The Gary E. West College of Business is proud to announce that the General Business Program is 100% online.

In-Seat MBA

The Management MBA Standard Track is now offered in-seat starting Fall 2021. The program will be offered at the Highlands Center Campus one night per week for 4 hours per 7-week term. This is the same high-quality Management MBA offered through our online program, except that it will be delivered in-seat at the convenient Highlands Center. In-seat learning offers the traditional classroom interaction between professor and student, as well as the advantage of networking with other MBA candidates. Get your competitive edge with this in-seat MBA designed for students who are working or need a minimum of six in-seat credit hours per semester. Students can complete this MBA in 20 months taking one class each term (two per semester) or more rapidly if they take additional classes online in conjunction with the in-seat course offerings.