Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology at WLU aligns with the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology at WLU aligns with the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association. The curriculum is designed to graduate students who have a strong liberal arts foundation and the professional knowledge for success in the field by combing a strong theoretical base with a multitude of applied courses. Students also have many opportunities to work directly with their instructors in a mentoring relationship, to gain additional instruction and clarity, address academic concerns, and participate in ongoing research.

WLU’s Psychology program is fantastic for people who like personal connection with their professors and in-depth learning of psychological concepts. My favorite class was Abnormal Psychology because I love to learn about how the brain can be helped in times of distress and mental illness. I was able to conduct research on campus and work one on one with a psychology professor while also being a student athlete.
Mckenzie Hayes
Psychology, Class of 2023

Program Goals

The Psychology program follows the American Psychological Association guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major. The skills learned throughout the program are transferable to almost any profession.

The program goals include:

Content Knowledge and Applications
Graduates will demonstrate comprehension of the major concpets, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical or evidence-based findings to discuss how psychological principles apply to behavior and mental processes. 

Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
Graduates will demonstrate comprehension of scientific reasoning and critical thinking and proficiency in research methods and statistics. 

Values in Psychological Science
Graduates will demonstrate ethical reasoning and practices, intepersonal and intercultural responsiveness, and strategies that promote and sustain strong communities and equitable opportunities. 

Communication, Psychological Literacy, and Technology Skills
Graduates will demonstrate competence in psychological literacy including communication and application of information, and the ability to present information in different formats. 

Personal and Professional Development
Graduates will apply effective self-reflection, project-management skills, professional judgement, collaboration skills, and proficiency in workplace technology and career planning. 


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