Behavioral Health Clinic

Mission Statement and Philosophy

Welcome to the West Liberty University Behavioral Health Clinic! Our mission is trifold: 

  • we serve as a training facility for graduate students enrolled in WLU’s Master’s of Arts in Clinical Psychology program,
  • we provide affordable, accessible, high-quality psychological services to members of the community and students on campus,
  • we support clinically relevant research for WLU’s Clinical Psychology faculty and students.

Creating an environment that is inclusive and affirming of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, physical ability, size, sexual orientation, gender orientation, relationship orientation, or socio-economic status is our goal. We are committed to providing culturally-competent mental healthcare that identifies and responds to the needs, strengths, and identities of our clients, and we emphasize reaching marginalized populations who may not otherwise have access to mental health services.

Psychology Student Trainees

The psychology trainees are master’s-level graduate students in the WLU Clinical Psychology program and provide services under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty in the program.


  • We welcome clients including children, adolescents, adults, individuals, couples and families. Non-emergency psychological conditions are treated in the Clinic. West Liberty University students may seek reduced fee-based services at the Clinic. However,  students should be aware that they can receive free services at the WLU Counseling Services located in the Student Union, Second Floor, S14, phone: 304.336.8215; Director Lisa Witzberger, MSW, LGSW or via email: [email protected]).
  • Clients who appear to be immediately suicidal or present as a danger to themselves or others, those who are currently under the influence of or actively withdrawing from substances, and those who demonstrate acute psychotic symptoms cannot be seen and will either be rescheduled and/or referred to other agencies for safe and appropriate treatment. We regret that the Clinic is neither equipped nor insured for handling crisis situations on a routine basis, and therefore does not accept walk-in clients.