Academic Dishonesty, Report of (opens an online form) Please refer to the Student Handbook for information about Types of Academic Dishonesty, Penalties, and Procedures for Handling Academic Dishonesty Cases.
Adjunct Faculty Reference Manual (opens a separate pdf)
Adjunct Request to Hire (opens a separate Word document)
Curriculum Forms (For PC Users):  Guidelines (opens in a separate Word document)

Curriculum Forms (For MAC Users):

Evaluation of Unit Heads:  (each opens in separate Word document)

Evidence for Promotion and Tenure in Personnel Files (opens in a separate pdf document)

Faculty Development:

  • Reimbursement ($200) Program:

    • Packet Includes Instructions and All Forms Needed (Opens a separate Word document)
  • Research Grant:
  • College Faculty Development Award: (previously known as Travel Support):
Faculty Excellence Awards:

Faculty Handbook
Faculty Performance Planning Document (opens in a separate Word document)
Faculty Professional Activity Report (opens in a separate Word document)
Grant Submission Form (links to a web form to be completed & submitted online)
Human Subject Review Protocol (contact Dean Robert Kreisberg with any questions)
Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Project (opens in a separate Word document)

 Scheduling Forms:

Student Handbook
Supplemental Contracts: