Campbell Hall of Health Sciences

West Liberty University (WLU) is seeking additional funding for the construction of the new health sciences building. The state of West Virginia has committed $12.75 million of the total budget, the university has invested an additional $2.75 million from recent sales of gas and timber rights and private donors have stepped forward with gifts totaling $500,000 thus far. With more than $15 million secured and a $23 million budget, the Development Office needs to raise private dollars to avoid tuition increases for WLU students. The more private dollars that the university can raise the better opportunity it will have to sustain our mission, which is to provide opportunity for a high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education. By keeping tuition fees low, WLU provides this opportunity to a greater number of students from mid to low income households in West Virginia and the Ohio Valley region.

Campbell Hall will bring together the health science majors offered by WLU. They are currently scattered in spaces they have outgrown. The programs included in the new facility are:

  • Physician Assistant Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Speech Pathology/Audiology
  • Chemistry *

Campbell Hall will enhance the success of the College of Sciences, which continues to offer opportunity to students. Careers in Health Care truly enable graduates to participate more fully in the economic mainstream, while also giving back to their community.

* Because Chemistry provides support courses for the Health Sciences and has grown significantly over the past three years, Chemistry will join the Health Science programs in the building.

Recognition Opportunities

Please consider one of the following opportunities to enhance the educational offerings of West Liberty University and make a lasting impact on the University, the community and the future of the Health Sciences in West Virginia. A charitable gift for the construction of Campbell Hall will literally increase affordability, educational opportunity, the quality of student’s lives and access to health care in West Virginia.

Fifteen percent of all charitable gifts to the Campbell Hall initiative will go to the creation of an endowment to support and sustain the future of this initiative at West Liberty University. A $1 million endowment would provide at least $30,000 annually for the maintenance of the building.


  • Dental Hygiene Public Clinic: $1,000,000
    The Dental Hygiene Public Clinic will be a key feature of Campbell Hall. Its accessibility and technology will serve not only the Dental Hygiene educational experience but also more than 2,500 patients from the community each year.
  • Dental Hygiene Waiting Room: $100,000
  • Center Lobby: $250,000
    The center lobby on the first floor will be a gathering place for all who enter the building through the main entrance. This open space will also feature the grand staircase.
  • Outdoor Veranda: $250,000
    The Outdoor Veranda is a lovely space located off the back of the first floor student lounge area. It will serve as an open air meeting place for students during warm weather and a special event venue for university events.
  • Student Lounge: $100,000
    The student lounge will be a gathering place for students to study or meet between classes. It will be located on the first floor of the new building.
  • Notable Alumni Display: $50,000
    A visual display will be created to honor WLU Health Sciences alumni who have impacted their field through their careers.
  • Pathway from Campbell Hall to Campus: $15,000
    An outdoor pathway will be created to direct students from their residence halls or other academic buildings on the quad to Campbell Hall. The pathway will be in the wooded vale area behind the building.
  • Front Portico: $25,000
    This beautiful space is one of the main features of the Neoclassical design. It looks onto the signature pillars and the chandelier. It also features built-in benches surrounding the square. It will be a focal point of the building.
  • The Road between Rogers Hall and Campbell Hall: $100,000
    This is an extremely unique opportunity to rename the road that accesses the front entrance of Campbell Hall. This road, currently Faculty Drive, also accesses the main parking lot for the ASRC, Rogers Hall and parking for the Russek Football Field. Research Laboratories and Classrooms
  • Research Laboratories: $250,000
    The research laboratories are the heart and soul of the sciences. This is where scientific discoveries are made and practical skills are learned. Recognition opportunities are available for Chemistry Labs, Physician Assistant Labs, Nursing Labs and Dental Hygiene Labs.
  • Classrooms: $100,000
    The classrooms will create an atmosphere of learning and student/faculty interaction that is critical to the educational experience. They will have technological infrastructures fit for the 21st century learning environment. Classroom recognition opportunities are available for each program within the new building.


Physician Assistant Program: $500,000 plus
The Physician Assistant (PA) Program is the 1st and only Physician Assistant Program in West Virginia that is a state institution program. There are only eight PA programs at state institutions in the nation. West Liberty University is pleased to be able to offer programs that lead to good careers and will benefit the Upper Ohio Valley region. According to the U.S. News and World Report, physician assistant was one of the best careers of 2009. CNN Money ranked physician assistant as the number two best ranked job in 2009, with a ten year expected growth of 27%. This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking a great career in health care. Given the characteristics of the region and West Virginia as a whole, the program focuses on preparing medical providers with the potential to practice in rural and underserved regions.

Nursing Program: $500,000 plus
Our nationally accredited Nursing Program was established in 1988. The highly qualified faculty, comprehensive curriculum and clinical learning experiences contribute to making this a high-quality nursing program. We are very proud that one of our program outcomes focuses on “caring” and that employers report being able to see this “caring” in the nursing care delivered to clients and patients. Employment rates remain strong for those who earn their BSN. Typically, they are employed within a few months of graduation. Also, many of our graduates have continued their education at the master’s level and are now employed as nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse educators and nurse managers in the local area, the state, and beyond. The program is currently working to update its curriculum and keep students abreast of new technology in health care, including opportunities to study health care informatics. At the same time, the curriculum retains a strong clinical base, a focus on ethics, legalities, collaboration with other health care workers, and professionalism.

Chemistry Program: $500,000 plus

* Please note: The Dental Hygiene Program is named for Sarah Whitaker Glass.


  • Conference Rooms: $50,000
  • Dean’s Office: $50,000
  • Faculty Offices: $25,000
  • Benches: $10,000
  • Trees: $10,000
  • Dental Hygiene Chairs: $5,000



If you are interested in speaking to someone or would like to request a meeting to discuss the project in greater detail please call:

Angela Zambito Hill
Director of Development