College Hall Information

Please note the following Policies (updated Aug. 2008):

Events that are outside the guise of the Division of Music and the Department of Arts & Communications must have a sponsor present for the entire event. This sponsor must ensure the responsible and appropriate use of the facilities.

Entities that either fail to have a sponsor present for the entirety of an event, or that use the facility inappropriately, will lose all future privileges in College Hall and all other department facilities.

Misuse or abuse of the facilities and equipment will not be tolerated.

All equipment and technical needs must be arranged and confirmed by e-mailing Phil Kent or calling him at ext. 8851.

Unless informed otherwise by the scheduling coordinator, all student events must arrange for the presence of a Campus Security Officer at their event. This is the sole responsibility of the group making this reservation and is in addition to the presence of a faculty sponsor.

Also, unless informed otherwise by the scheduling coordinator, all student events must arrange for the presence of a Department-approved Stage Manager. This person is to be paid $10/hour and is to be present at all times. Remuneration should take place at the close of the event. The scheduling coordinator will provide contact information for an approved Stage Manager.

NOT permitted:

  • Food or drink in the auditorium or on-stage
  • Glitter or “messy” substances that would be difficult to clean
  • Flammable material of any kind

Any damage to the facility, including but not limited to seats, carpets, curtains, etc. will be billed to the responsible entity. The facilities should be left in the same condition as found–we do not have regular janitorial service in these facilities.

Damage deemed excessive or failure to comply with these policies in any way will result in the loss of all future privileges in all department facilities.
If you do not see a conflict, and you have read and agree to the policies outlined above, then use the link below to send an e-mail to the scheduling coordinator.

In your message you MUST include each of the following:
1. the facility being requested for use (College Hall or Kelly Theatre);
2. the date and time being requested for use;
3. the nature of the event; and
4. contact information of the sponsor of the event (faculty member).

To request the use of College Hall, please click HERE.

All events must be coordinated with the Department of Music and Theater at least four weeks in advance of the event you wish to schedule.