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West Liberty University is humbled to be able to provide an opportunity for your organization to promote a job/internship opportunity to our students. This is a great way to raise brand awareness and reach students about your organization's job and internship opportunities. Please select the options below regarding how you would like for any promotional material to be shared to our students. Here are basic options: (1) Share a branded promotional item that we can share to a physical job board, (2) Share a branded promotional item that we can post to our social media accounts (@wlu_student-success-center on Instagram/Twitter), (3) A job description posted to our physical job board, or (4) Using a supplied job description, creating a promotional item from a basic template from Career Services at WLU. This will include your organization's name, the job title, a few brief lines from the job description, and how to apply and/or contact a person to gain more information on the opportunity. Thank you for your interest in wanting to engage our students regarding your organization and job/internship opportunities!

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