• You are the product.

    When it’s time to go job hunting, you become a salesperson…and the product is YOU. At the Gary E. West College of Business, we are in the business of helping you become the best product you can be, by providing high-quality programs and a rigorous curriculum.

    How We Help YOU

    You are the product.
  • Partner with Professionals

    One of the hallmarks of a West College of Business education is our faculty’s deep commitment to being partners with students on their educational journey.

    Begin Your Partnership

    Partner with Professionals
  • Love Your Lifestyle

    It’s quiet when you need it to be, but rocking during a football or basketball game or an event on the quad. Located in a rural setting, West Liberty University dominates the hilltop.

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    Love Your Lifestyle
  • Value = Benefits/Price…

    That’s one of the first equations you’ll learn in classes at the Gary E. West College of Business, and you can apply it directly to your own college experience.

    What is the Value?

    Value = Benefits/Price…
  • Connect & Network

    If you aren’t looking, technology will get ahead of you. We’re not about to let that happen in the West College of Business.

    Get Connected

    Connect & Network
  • Expand Your World

    As a professional in today’s business environment, you are likely to work with colleagues who have cultures and backgrounds quite different from your own, and even to travel internationally for your organization.

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    Expand Your World
  • Start a Business

    Have you ever thought about owning your own business and being your own boss? Or maybe you’re destined to be a “change agent” in an existing company.

    Start Innovating Now!

    Start a Business