Getting Started

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Why Study Abroad?

Experiencing another culture not only provides the competitive edge that today’s employers are looking for, but also offers a life-changing experience. The many benefits of studying abroad extend far beyond the classroom—there is no substitute for this experience.

West Liberty’s Office of the Provost wants to provide you with international academic opportunities that will not only enhance your academic experience, but will enrich your educational experience both academically and personally, and enable you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become global citizens. The Internationalization Committee, in cooperation with various academic departments, works to promote study abroad opportunities that will enable you to experience another culture, enable you to distinguish yourself to future employers, and make new and lasting friendships. We encourage all students to consider learning beyond the classroom. This experience will last more than just one semester – it will provide you with a lifetime of memories, and will impact your life in many positive ways for years to come.

Where would you like to go? The decision is yours to make!

Decision Made?  Here are some things to think about:
• Planning Your Study Abroad Experience
• Choose a program
• FAQs
• Travel Resources
• Funding Sources and Scholarships
• Ready To Apply