First Year Programs & Services



Hilltopper Academy is a week-long, residential, summer-bridge program designed to increase college readiness among entering freshmen with “at-risk” pre-entry factors (i.e. substandard scores on the ACT or SAT, below average H.S. GPA).  In early May, qualifying freshmen are invited to participate in the academy.   Participants engage in a week of skill-building activities in Math, Writing, Critical-Thinking and Study Strategies and Time Management.

Cost: $50 registration fee for the program (includes the week of instruction, activities and all meals.)
Please visit our Hilltopper Academy Webpage for more information.


COLL 101 is an ten week long, two-hour seminar course offered each fall.  It is designed to prepare first-year freshmen for academic and personal success at West Liberty University.  Students who successfully complete COLL 101 will be able to:

  • Effectively use WINS
  • List important pre-registration, financial aid, ADD/Drop deadlines
  • Calculate their term and cumulative GPA’s as well as their quality points
  • Define and utilize the following skills: critical thinking, cultural competence, strategic reading, studying, note-taking, and time-management.
  • Identify and respond to different teaching styles


This course is designed for first-time freshmen who have been placed on Academic Probation. COLL 103  is a one credit hour course which focuses on student motivation, goal-setting, coping strategies, time management, study strategies, asks students to indicate the factors they believe contributed to their lack of academic success the past semester. An Academic Success Plan (ASP) which is developed by the student with input from his/her Student Success and/or Departmental Advisors.


PARENT POWER is an easy-to-read bulletin designed to keep parents informed about important dates, deadlines, and discussions they should be having with their college freshmen to promote their academic and personal success. Freshmen parents will monthly issues of the bulletin.

These programs and services are coordinated by Bridgette Dawson. Please contact her for more information at 304. 336.8018 or [email protected]