Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Administration

Program Description

From the moment you inquire about the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Administration (BLA) program, you will receive personal academic attention to help you move through the BLA program and graduate successfully. This program is unique because:

  • The courses apply topics to for-profit and non-profit organizations.
  • The courses were designed specifically for this program and for the needs of leaders.

Students move through the entire 36 semester hour program with the same classmates, one course at a time. Cohorts start in the Fall Semester (at the Highlands and the WVNCC Campus in Weirton) and the Spring Semester (at the WVNCC Campus in New Martinsville). Cohorts schedules, current and upcoming, can be accessed through the SCHEDULES tab.

Three-credit hour courses meet five or six weeks and are supplemented with an online component, that everyone is taught to use in the Introduction course.


Students are able to enroll officially in the program only if:

  • they are at least 23 years old
  • have 60+ total hours of college credit, and
  • have at least a 2.0 grade-point average in college courses
  • they have completed (or are completing) the 36 hours of General Education courses
    • Six hours of Communications
    • Six hours of Humanities
    • Six hours of Natural Sciences
    • Six hours of Social Sciences
    • Three hours of Mathematical Sciences or Computer Applications
    • Nine hours of electives (from any of the general studies categories listed above)

    Transfer Students

    • Eligible students may transfer into the BLA from other institutions or from other majors within West Liberty University.  Students transferring from other institutions must have official transcripts from those institutions sent to the BLA Office.
    • The Board of Governors’ policies regarding transfer of credits between institutions will apply to students in the BLA.
    • CPEP, CLEP, USAFI and similar testing results are acceptable for credit.
    • Transfer credits will be assessed at the time of evaluation.  Requirements may be fulfilled by college-equivalent credit, transfer credits, or accredited courses taken after enrollment in the Program.

    Students may also be able to receive prior learning credit (work and/or volunteer related training and experience) through the submission and evaluation of a portfolio


DIRECTIONS TO HIGHLANDS CENTER: Interstate 70, exit 10.  If coming from the east, turn right at the end of the exit.  If coming from the west, curve to the right at the end of the exit ramp.  Proceed on Cabela’s Drive past WesBanco, Wendy’s, Target, and Kohl’s.  Go straight through the last light and turn right at the end of the drive.   The WLU Highlands Center is on your right.

For the easiest parking and entrance to the second floor, the first doors on your right are the entrance.  There will be stairs immediately on your right and an elevator to your left that take you directly to the WLU entrance.

ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS:  The BLA Program is offered at two of the West Virginia Northern Campus facilities in Weirton, WV and New Martinsville, WV.  The Weirton Cohorts begin in August and the New Martinsville Cohorts  begin in January.


To reach the Weirton Regional Campus take US 22 East from WV Route 2 or Ohio Route 7. From US 22, take the Three Springs Exit. Turn right and follow Three Springs Drive until it dead ends on Cove Road. Turn right and immediately make a left turn on Penco Road. At the first stop light (Elaine St.) turn left and proceed up the hill for two blocks. From Pittsburgh, follow U.S. 22 West and take a right off on to Three Springs Drive.  Follow previous directions to the campus.


The New Martinsville Regional Campus is located approximately 95 miles south of Pittsburgh, 36 miles south of Wheeling and 50 miles north of Parkersburg.

From Pittsburgh, follow directions to Wheeling. Take WV Rt. 2 south to New Martinsville. At the sixth stop light, turn right on North Street.  Follow directional signs to the campus.

From Parkersburg, take Rt. 2 north to New Martinsville, turn left at the second stop light on North Street.  Follow directional signs.

From Morgantown, Fairmont and Clarksburg, take WV Rt. 7 west to Rt. 2, turn right onto WV Rt. 2 and left at the first stop light (North Street).  Follow directional signs.

  • BLA 300 – Intro to Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership & Administration
  • BLA 302 – Perspectives on Leadership
  • BLA 304 – Organizational Communication and Negotiation
  • BLA 306 – Current Theories of Leadership and Management
  • BLA 308 – Organizational Ethics
  • BLA 310 – Leadership in Literature and Film
  • BLA 400 – Marketing for Leaders
  • BLA 402 – Research Methods and Design
  • BLA 404 – Finance for Administrators
  • BLA 406 – Organizational Psychology
  • BLA 408 – Human Resources for Administrators
  • BLA 410 – Legal Issues in Organizational  Leadership and Administration
  • BLA 412 – Capstone: Applied Research Project

Dr. Michaud, Dean, School of Professional Studies

Faculty Biographies

Credit for Prior Learning

Accepted RBA & BLA Students:

To submit formally and officially a portfolio for a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) in “major” areas (not for General Studies courses) student must have applied and been accepted, and have at least 64 credit hours completed, which includes at least 24 General Studies hours.

New Students (not accepted yet):

An estimate of the credits for PLA experience will be made on the basis of a preliminary portfolio.  This will be an unofficial estimate and include “major” and general studies course credits.  The student need not have applied and been accepted for this estimate.

After students have applied and been accepted:

Official PLA credits for General Studies and major courses will be assessed on the basis of a professionally done portfolio rationale submitted by the student for the specific courses for which credit is sought.

  • There is no application fee.
  • If you choose to pursue credit through the Prior Learning Assessment, there is an evaluation fee.  In addition, there is a nominal charge for every credit-hour for which you apply.  Inquire for current rates.
  • Check out the total tuition and fees projected for this program here.
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify.  Check out the financial aid website at WLU for additional information.  Be sure to notice the information and application for the HIGHER EDUCATION ADULT PART-TIME STUDENT GRANT (HEAPS).

Phil Zimmerman on the BLA program:

1) Why did you choose the BLA?

I had been looking for an adult education style program that really fit into my schedule.  I am an executive administrative employee for the company that I work for and a leadership program seemed to be a perfect fit for expanding my career opportunities.

2) Now that you ‘ve started the BLA, what do you think of the program?

Well, we are still very early in the program, but so far it has been very challenging.  I like the smaller class room setting.  The discussions are very informative and we draw on each others experiences and knowledge.

3) What has been your experience at the Highlands Center? or, put another way, What are your opinions about the Center?

I truly like the setting at the Highlands Center.  It is very conveniently located and I love the free parking:)

4) What would you like others to know about your program and/or the Highlands Center?

I really like the cohort setting of the BLA program.  It is nice to be together throughout almost like a team.  I would recommend the BLA program to any adult learner serious about finishing their bachelor degree.

Scott Moore on the BLA program:

1) Why did you choose the BLA?

I started in the RBA program but with my work schedule I soon ran out of night classes I could take. With the BLA all my classes on Saturday this best fit my life.

2) Now that you ‘ve started the BLA, what do you think of the program.

I loved the openness of the program & the open dialog that I had with the professors and my classmates .

3) What has been your experience at the Highlands Center? or, put another way, What are your opinions about the Center?

Love the convenient location (minus the holiday shopping season when traffic is horrendous) saves the inconvenient drive to the main campus.

4) What would you like others to know about your program and/or the Highlands Center?

You receive your schedule for the entire program your first day, this allows you to plan the rest of your work/family life.

Dorothy Kovach on the BLA program:

I had wanted to complete my degree for sometime.  The BLA program gave me the option to complete it within less than two years at an affordable cost.  The scheduling format took away any worries concerning what classes to take or when it would fit with both work and home.  The faculty, and administrative staff were exemplary.  If this program did not exist, I truly believe I would not have finished my Bachelor’s degree.

John Conforth on the BLA program:

Within three months of completing the BLA program at West Liberty University I was hired as a Human Resources Business Partner for Belterra Casino Resort. My experience in the BLA program helped develop my leadership skills and gave me the tools needed to begin a new career. The BLA program’s schedule of classes allowed me to continue working full time while completing my degree, something  that would not have been possible with the schedule of traditional classes. The open discussion format of most of the courses guided by instructors with real world experience was both challenging and interesting and gave me the confidence that I was truly learning and not just restating something I read.

The best part of the program was what I gained from the other students in the program. Being in a learning environment with other adults that bring their own perspective allowed for well rounded and at times eye opening discussions.

I can’t thank WLU enough for providing the BLA program and giving me the platform to take the next step in my life.


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Dr. Thomas Michaud, Ph.D., Dean, School of Professional Studies
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Mary Lou Conley, Program Assistant II
(304) 217-2800 (x4) [email protected]


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