Japanese Outreach Initiative

At the Rollie Williams International Center, we handle all matters regarding international enrollment, promoting international diversity, and attending to the particular needs that international students on campus face. We believe that each international student has particular needs and should be treated as an individual, not as part of a group. We deal with immigration issues, international applications and recruitment, promoting cultural diversity, assisting students with housing, class, personal issues, and the transportation and entertainment needs of our international students.

Our staff and advisors understand the unique cultural adjustments that international students go through. All of us have lived or traveled internationally, and we are here for the help you need to overcome some of the initial challenges of living in a new environment. This is the best place for you to find out about your immigration status, cultural opportunities that expand your horizons, and social events & programs that connect you with others.

Internationalization Committee

Campus Internationalization Committee is responsible for coordinating international educational opportunities and initiatives, including overseeing international aspects of the curriculum, evaluating and approving study away programs, and administering resources related  to study away and campus internationalization.