Professional Development and Community Service



 Each student in the nursing program is required to participate in professional development and community service activities as part of graduation requirements.  Professional development is defined as activities that promote growth as a professional nurse. 

Professional development activities include, but are not limited to:

  • membership in a professional nursing organization e.g. NSNA (one year membership and attendance at two meetings per year constitutes one activity)
  • attendance at educational conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. which are not course requirements
  • health related presentations at nursing conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.
  • other activities approved by the Program Director, Nursing
  • serving as student representative to the Nursing Program committees (attendance at one meeting per year constitutes one activity)
  • submit article for “Stall Tales”
  • work with faculty on select projects


Community service participation in health promotion related activities within the program institution, and/or community. 

Community service activities include, but are not limited to:

  • participating in health screenings
  • planning and/or participating in health fairs
  • serving as volunteers for University sponsored events that serve the public in some health related way (e.g. Special Olympics)
  • mentoring or tutoring other students (four hours of validated tutoring/mentoring constitutes one activity)
  • volunteer work with various human service agencies (four hours of validated service constitutes one activity)
  • participation in any University or community activity if it can be demonstrated that the student contributed in some special way related to nursing


Each student is required to complete a minimum of five activities.  Two will be professional development activities and two will be community service activities.  The fifth will be in either category, to be chosen by the student.

Students are responsible for submitting validating documentation of their activities to the Program Director, Nursing.  If students have questions about the acceptability of a specific activity they should present the information about the activity to the Program Director, Nursing for a judgment.  The Program Director shall keep a record of each student’s professional and service activities.  Failure to complete the required activities prior to completion of the nursing program will delay graduation until the requirements are fulfilled.