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The Honors College at West Liberty University is an academic community engaging highly motivated and intellectually advanced students in exceptional experiences that develop excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service.  The Honors College course offerings and requirements bear a close relationship to those of West Liberty University.  The Honors College curriculum is not composed of harder courses with more work, but is devoted instead to opportunities intended to create habits of critical and creative thinking, effective communication, and independent thought.  Honors scholars participate in four years of Honors study in a bachelor’s degree program in any major, maintaining an overall GPA of 3.25.

Requirements include:

  • a minimum of 26 honors credit hours which can be earned in honors sections of classes, through honors option contracts, via mentorships, and in honors cohorts within class sections
  • a Senior Honors Research project
  • a minimum of two seminars
  • attendance at Honors College meetings

For more information about requirements, contact :
Dr. Shannon Halicki
Dean, Honors College
304.336.8075 ∙ [email protected]