About Us

Fostering Business Development by leveraging WLU’s intellectual, technological, and material resources.

The WLU-Research Corporation was founded to partner with people and businesses that want to develop ideas.

Potential clients for the WLU-RC can run the gamut:

  • Faculty, students, and alumni exploring new ideas in areas such healthcare sciences, software development, energy, and many other areas.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses that need facilities, technology, and business support to put their ideas to work.
  • Corporations seeking advanced analytics to make sound strategic decisions for their future.
  • If you have an idea, we’re here to help you make it work.


What the WLU-RC can do for you:

  • Administrative Support: We can assist with proposal cultivation, grant management, subcontracting processes, and more.
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer:
    We can help protect and commercialize your ideas through patents, copyrights, trademarks, and licensing.
  • Funding: We can help connect businesses with possible funding sources and potential joint venture opportunities.
  • Imagination: Let us work with you to turn your questions into solutions.

The WLU Research Corporation exists to promote economic development by supporting researchers, innovators and other entrepreneurial activities with supportive services.