Dead Musician Shows – A WGLZ Tradition

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Its that time of the semester before finals. Its dead week. A time when students don’t have to worry about papers or tests. We have a tradition at WGLZ that we like to air during dead week.

We have our students make a tribute show to about a deceased artist and we air them during dead week. We have a large variety of shows this year from many different genres. To find out who is doing what artist see the table below. The shows will air during the DJs normal air time, so if you need to know when that is, check out the on air tab,

Abshire Dio
Amidei Frank Sinatra
Blehschmidt John Phillips
Bray Whitney Houston
Brown, K Jane Cash
Brown, T Bob Marley
Casto Casey Calvert
Chain Freddy Mercury
Chancey Aaliyah
Connor Dean Martin
Fuller Michael Jackson
Gregory Kurt Cobain
Hicks David Ruffin
Horn Amy Whinehouse
Jozwick Jon Lennon
Knutsen Steve Clark
Martin George Harrison
Mendoza Patsy Cline
Morris Lynard Skynyrd
Reinard Johnny Cash
Rice Notorious B.I.G.