Taylor Scott


Taylor Scott is from Wintersville, OH and graduated from Indian Creek High School. Since the population count is so low at her hometown, many recognize it as a village. Despite it’s size, the people there have the biggest hearts. Some of things that she’s personally interested in include sports, art, and having fun. 

In sports, she is actually a member of the Hilltopper’s softball team. She’s been playing softball ever since she could walk. Artistically she just loves to let her mind flow. She finds art not only as a way to express herself, but a way to actually let creativity out. She has several definitions of “having fun” depending on the situation, but mainly is to get the good out of every situation. Her ultimate career goal is to become an animator for a major company and possibly have her own business alongside of that. She’s more than likely going to move somewhere to achieve these dreams after graduation. Animation has brought inspiration into her life in so many different ways. She wants to return the favor by giving that same inspiration to others through animation. 

She sees college radio as something new and exciting. It brings her out of her comfort zone, but in a good way. College radio to her means a fun, new experience that could lead to something she doesn’t know about herself.